Monday, 29 May 2017

I'm Pregnant!! (Again...)

So I haven't written on here for about...19 weeks now... I promise I have a very good excuse...

I am 19 weeks PREGNANT!! Woo! The reason why I haven't written is because of this very simple maths:

"Morning" sickness + Toddler = Many emotional breakdowns and trips to the vomit room.

(The moment we found out we were going to be a family of five... Norman the dog included)

When I was pregnant with Poppy, I had absolutely horrible morning sickness, which resulted in two trips to the hospital, many tears, not a lot of food (except chocolate ice-cream and bananas) but all this was manageable because I wasn't responsible for another human life and could easily lie on the couch for weeks at a time with no guilt.

This time around I have a little person I need to be looking after. Being pregnant with a toddler is no easy project. Whilst my husband was amazing and so supportive, there were a lot of days when he would be out working and I was left alone with this tiny human who, surprisingly, was not thrilled about just lying on the floor in silence for 12 hours at a time. Shocking I know... So there were a few weeks there where I literally just had to take it day by day, without going insane and the thought of talking, let alone writing a blog post was just not going to happen. So I apologise.

But I am alive, so is Poppy for those concerned! Now that the worst has past, I can really be excited for this new little critter. Paddy and I have always wanted to have two kids really close together, so they can be like little buddies who go on adventures and plot revenge against us together. So we were SO excited to find out we were pregnant with number two!

(Our announcement... it's not official until it's on Facebook right?)

This pregnancy has been so much different from the first, I know everyone says that, but now that I'm here I can officially agree. The morning sickness wasn't anywhere near as violent as the first time (thanks Poppy...) and it finished a lot earlier (THANK YOU ALL THAT IS MERRY AND BRIGHT). My stomach has popped ALOT earlier this time around, I was really struggling at even 8 weeks with what to wear and had to basically not make plans with anyone, because it was becoming so obvious that there was a bump (or a large cheeseburger consumption).

Poppy was very quick to move around and make her presence known, so I became little anxious the other day because this one seems to be a lot calmer and only moves every now and again. They were actually so calm, I had to make a quick trip to the hospital to check the heart rate because I hadn't felt anything in so long. The midwife was so lovely and got me in straight away and we heard the little tick tick tick of the heart! Phew, crisis averted.

My body is a lot sorer this time around, especially my hips. I think this might be to do with being pregnant and having to drag a crazy toddler around. I know they say "no heavy lifting" when you are pregnant, but how can you not lift up your baby and give them a million kisses a day? Impossible.

I really want to try and be more regular on here, and keep you updated with my Preggie journey for number 2! We have our 20 week scan next week, so I am SUPER excited to find out the gender. My money is on a little boy! Any guesses?

Sorry again for the lack on updates but I'm back, bigger (literally) and better (questionable...) than ever!

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