Wednesday, 15 March 2017

That black stuff...

Over the past year or two, I have really started to appreciate all things skincare/beauty related. I was never really into it, was it laziness?, but I think the older I am getting, the more I want to look after myself both on the inside and the out. So mature now at my wise old age of 29...

I have recently found a few new beauty related items that all have a similar theme... they are all black. Totally not intentional, but some of my favourite products just happen to be black and they are amaaaaazing.... So I wanted to share them with you.

First up:

Ms Soho - Pore Peel
(Gross but satisfying)

I, along with many of you, have seen the videos that are floating around at the moment with the face masks that you peel off your face to get rid of all your black heads and clear out your pores. I love pimples. I am one of those weird people that gets kinda giddy watching or looking at pimple related things. Except that one video on Youtube with the pimple on his back... so wrong.  Those who share my enthusiasm will understand. But hearing about a product that allows you to pull those dirty black heads from you face, instantly gave me shivers of excitement. I must have it and stare at it under the light of my phone for a good 5 minutes to see the disgusting results. I did bit of research, as there are a few dodgy brands out there that will literally rip your face off and I found the brand Ms Soho. This brand is really good because it the one big packet, you receive about 5 little treatments. Whats cool about that is, you don't actually need to use a whole packet on your face. My blackhead prone areas are just my nose and chin, so I don't need to cover my entire face. Which means you can probably get two treatments out of one packet, so the whole thing will last you quite awhile. My advice is to cover to areas your want to apply the mask quite thick. If it's a thin layer it is really difficult to actually peel off. You let the mask dry for about 20 minutes, until your can touch it and it isn't sticky and then peel away. Seriously, it is such a satisfying feeling and I must say, it works! It truly works and my nose and chin are absolutely clear after 2 treatments. I was bit sceptical at the start to be honest, but I am so happy with the results, that's why I was super eager to share it on here. I love it, I almost want to grow more blackheads so I can peel them off.

EBONiiVORY - Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitener

I have always been really keen to try a charcoal whitener, because I absolutely love charcoal products. Charcoal is a super hero in my eyes and have so many benefits for all areas of your body. How this product works is this, you get a packet of this charcoal mixture, you wet a toothbrush, dip it in the formula and brush your teeth for two minutes. They say to do this for a month to get good results. Now it's messy, there will be black powder all over your sink, but holy moly this stuff is good. After I was pregnant with Poppy, my gums were really inflamed and I felt like my mouth was bit gross. Seriously after a couple of days using this product, my gums were no longer puffy, my teeth were whiter and my mouth felt SO clean. No joke, it was truly awesome. I am now addicted and basically use this everyday as part of my skincare/ beauty routine because I think it's so great to clean and rejuvenate your mouth. Does it actually whiten your teeth? Yep, it takes a few goes to see a difference but my teeth felt like I had been to the dentist. This product also has no nasties in it, so I feel really comfortable using it on a day to day basis.

Nubian Heritage - African Black Soap

So this is a new discovery of mine, but in reality African Black soap has been used in Africa for centuries, it was even reported to be around during Cleopatra's Egypt. So it's pretty old. Basically it was used to treat a whole bunch of skin ailments like eczema, blemishes, oily skin etc. It is linked along side Shea butter, which itself has awhile bunch of good qualities, but this soap is seriously so beautiful to use. It's great to use in the shower when you wash your face and leaves your skin feeling so nourished and clean. I find a lot of soap really dries my skin out or causes break outs, so I'm super picky with what I use, but this bad boy is amazing. It's super cheap too, you can get it off and its only about $6 (AUS) and lasts you ages.

My hair

Ok so it's not black, but I made the jump from blonde to brunette recently and wanted to share. I had been thinking about making the change for a while and now that Winter is creeping closer I thought it was the perfect time. It is just a massive deal when you change your hair colour. Especially going from light to dark, because it is such a long process to get it back, so you gotta be sure it's what you want. It's not like if you go from dark to light and it's an easier fix. So I was kind of nervous, but I actually love it. I desperately wanted to change things up and my hair was in need of a break from the blonde, it was beginning to feel like it's soul was dying. So I'm super happy and just wanted to post this to anyone who is thinking about making a change but bit scared... do it, so worth it and it's just hair. It can be fixed it needs be.

I hope you guys enjoyed my little suggestions of some cool black stuff you can slop on your face (or teeth). If you have any of your own, let me know, i;m always super eager to try new things!

Have an amazing weekend (well it's nearly the weekend now) and I'll see you all soon!

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