Thursday, 5 January 2017

The Friday Five

Happy first Friday of 2017! I hope you have all been having an amazing week! I thought this week I would stick to a similar kind of theme, as I have found some really cool apps that I have been using a bunch lately. I kind of go in phases with apps, I used to be obsessed with certain games on there and spend waaaaay too long playing them. But i have moved on from them now and actually have some apps that benefit your brain, so i thought I would share them with you guys today!

Friday Five - My top 5 favourite apps.

1. Dog Down
One of my New Years resolutions is to get back into yoga. I absolutely love it and for me, that is my favourite way to work out. It's super calming, no one yelling at you, you get to have a nice stretch and you are working out at the same time. The problem I have is actually getting out of the house to do it. Then I found this app. It basically creates yoga workouts for you depending on how long you ca work out (you can choose between 15mins to 2 hours), the lady who does the work out has such a nice, non-annoying voice which is a bonus and the music that they use is awesome. You can choose traditional yoga-eske music if you want, but I have it on alternative so it plays really awesome, chilled out music. So I love it. I can squeeze in a work out during Poppy's naps and I always finish feeling so fresh and amazing. Best part... it's free!

2. Insight Timer
Speaking of chilled out, I have been on a search for a good meditation app for AGES. Then one day this amazing lady I met when I was in Bali, posted about 'Insight Timer', saying ti was great for those who love meditation. So I downloaded and it is literally filled with thousands of meditations for all kinds of moods you could be in - be that needing some help going to sleep, help to reduce an anxiety ridden day or for when you just need to fill your brain with some positive energy. There are heaps of different people to choose from as well, so you can choose a voice you feel connects best with you and off you go to zen land. More good news... this one is free as well!!

3. Ashy Bines Booty
For those of you looking for an app to literally kick your butt, this one is it! I love Ashy Bines, I think she is amazing and if she told me to jump up and down 3 times with one eye closed because it'll help your circulation, I'd totally do it. But this app is great for when you need a hard workout. It's a 28 day challenge, every day having a new workout and I love them because they are quick but intense. So It doesn't take ages but you get results. Plus if you need some extra inspiration, there is a meal plan to follow as well. This one is about $7 I think, but so worth it because you have the challenge forever!

4. Heads Up
Ok, I know I said I didn't really play games anymore, but this one is so funny. It's basically like celebrity heads, where you hold your phone to your forehead and the person reading it has to act out or give you clues to the celebrity, movie, song, animal etc that's on the screen. It's bloody hilarious! Paddy and I play it all the time and you seriously look insane doing it, but it's so good, especially if you have a few friends around! Get on it! Oh it's free too!!

5. Baby Pics
This one is for the Mamas (Or Daddy's) out there. It's a photography app, where you upload a photo of your bubba and you can customise it with stickers for the month/year they are, first Christmas, Easter etc, cute hearts and stars drawings, you can write on the photos. Basically it's just great for making photos super cute and also if you want to create a time line photos going month by month of your baby. That's what I use it for. Its free and amazing!

If you download any of these apps, let me know what you think! Also tell me some of your favourites! ALSO if you have any podcast suggestions, throw them this way as well! My brain is in need of more food!!
Have a great weekend guys and I'll see you next week!!

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