Thursday, 12 January 2017

The Friday Five - Children Songs I can't get out of my head

Happy Friday Everyone!

So, one thing I have learnt about when you become a parent, is that you will never have a commercial radio song in your head again... ever. Everyday, all day long, I have bloody songs from 'The Wiggles', 'Peppa Pig', any show off 'Disney Junior' on constant rotation through my brain, as though it is a new style of mental torture. But now I kinda like some of them... so the method works. *Clap* *Clap*

But, one thing I feel I need to do, is share the love with you. Because if I have to sing those damn songs all day, then so do you... ok?

Here we go...

Five Childrens songs I can't get out of my bloody head!

1. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
(Look at his face, so smug... as though he knows that parents ALL around the world have to listen to this song at 6:40am EVERY MORNING!)

2. Peppa Pig
(Peppa Pig is "Poppys" favourite and when I say "Poppy"... I mean both of us)

3. Lachy Wiggle
(I put the whole ep in for you... yep, this really is the show...)

4. Goldie and Bear
(This has become the recent favourite, Poppy absolutely loves it and does a little dance when this show comes on... my only complaint is this, can they PLEASE get some new episodes... I watch the same ones every bloody day!)

5. Hey Dougie
(This show is weird AND adorable... But you do find yourself saying 4500 times a day..."Isn't it time for..... DOUGIE").

Plus these ones as runners up in the torture chamber that is my mind:
Sheriff Cally
Rockabye you bear
Doc McStuffins

I really and truly hope you watched these and they are embedded into your brain. Because I feel like the more people who hear them, the more people I can sing the songs with... other than my husband and 10month old baby. Please... help me...

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