Tuesday, 3 January 2017

My favourite ways to hydrate

Summer has FINALLY arrived in Melbourne. Technically it has been Summer since December 1st, but if you aren't from Melbourne you may not be aware that we have pretty much every season EVERY DAY. So sometimes actual seasons take awhile to kick it. Annoying? Very! But, alas, Summer is here and I feel warmth when I walk outside and have the ability to wear thongs on my feet without getting frostbite.

One thing I find when life rolls into Summer or Winter time, is that my body freaks out little bit and becomes really dry. When I say my body I mean my hair, lips, skin, hands and brain. Every single time, it's like my own thermostat keeping me in the loop of a change in temperature. So because I have this amazing (annoying) ability, I have come to find some really good products over the years to help combat the dry, cracked, flakyness of this super power, which I thought I would share with you all as the world is currently spilt into a half Summer/half Winter combo. So it is appropriate to everyone... how convenient.

Do you ever get really scaly legs and hope maybe this is the first sign your legs are going to morph into a tail and you are really a mermaid? I do. So far, the tail hasn't appeared, but the scaly legs are going strong. I have tried a whole bunch of different creams, moisturisers, body butters and while they smell amazing, they don't do much to hydrate my skin. I finally turned to coconut oil, good ol coconut oil and boom...major hydration and less mermaid scales. Coconut oil is a serious superpower in itself, with so many benefits, but for dry skin it is a major game changer. I love the product 'La Bang Body', as it's a mixture of different natural oils and really does a great job. I use the flavour vanilla and it is so delicious. I have actually also been using this product for Poppy, as she has had eczema and it has done wonders. Her skin is literally like a babies bottom. I also used coconut oil when I was prego to avoid stretch marks and whilst I did get a few tiny ones on my hips, I think it really helped fight off any other ones that wanted to pop up. I'll pop the website down for 'La Bang Body' if you are interested in trying it out.

For some reason this year when Summer hit, my lips hated life. They were so dry to the point where it felt like they were sunburnt. Just super sensitive and really tender. I am kind of picky with my lipbalms, as again there are a lot out there that smell amazing, but are completely useless. I had heard a lot about "Lanolips" from a few different bloggers and I thought I would give it a try. Seriously, best thing I have bought in a long time. From the minute I put it on, it felt like a miniature fireman had hosed my lips and cooled down the fiery blaze that was on them. Within 2 days my lips felt so much more hydrated and smooth, it was amazing. I bought mine from Mecca Maxima but I think it is available from most Chemists or Priceline.

I have really abused my hair in its lifetime of being on my head. I colour it, dry it, straighten it and yet it still remains with me like the loyal friend it is. So I thought it was probably time I started to give it some TLC before it ran away and left me for another head. My amazing Hair lady recommended Moroccan oil to me, because she knew of my abusive relationship and my want to change for the better. Obviously, everyone knows about Moroccan oil, everyone has probably already tried it...except me. Coz I'm a rebel. But I tried it and wow, have I been missing out of a much hydrated life. There are heaps of products out there to choose from, but the one that has made a massive difference to my hair is the 'MoroccanOil treatment'. It is kind of pricey, but you literally only use a few dabs of the oil every time, brush it through you hair when your out of the shower (so it's still damp) and it does amazing things. It works as a heat protector, so I feel less guilty about drying my hair so much (but want to cut down..it's an addiction) and also makes your hair so shiny and silky and smells so yummy. I absolutely love it and I can confidently say the health of my hair has improved since using it!

Your poor hands. They do so much, touch so many things, are wet and dry so many times a day, touch so many cleaning products and just get over used every day because, that's just how we do things...with our hands... So my hands rebelled and said "No, stuff you... I will make you suffer because you haven't taken me out on a date in months, let alone hydrate me you cow!". Sometimes the truth hurts... So I decided to treat my hands to a massage and that's when I found 'Burts Bees Almond and Milk hand cream'. This cream is super thick but damn it does a good job. It smells amazing and leaves your hands feel so hydrated and silky smooth. I love it. Plus it's 99% natural which I think is important, considering you eat food with your hands...which goes into your body.


Drink coffee? Go out in the sun? Breathe and are alive? Then you need to drink water. Lots of it! Simple, but to the point...

So they are my favourite ways to give your body some TLC when it is feeling a little less hydrated than it should be. If you have any recommendations of your own, I would LOVE to hear them so drop me a line of Twitter or Instagram. Also while your there, maybe give us a follow... A unicorn will be delivered to your door immediately if you do*

*It won't...
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