Tuesday, 10 January 2017

My Book Club

So one of my New Years Resolutions, is to read more. I absolutely love reading. Always have and hopefully always will. The trouble with me, is that I go through phases where I read and read and speed through books...and then I stop for months. It might be because of time, tired levels or if I'm just not that invested in the book itself.

I have been super slack lately and the pile of books I want to read are literally growing on my bedside table. So I really, reeeeeeally want to get back into. My plan is to write about it on here and therefore I am accountable and HAVE to read. I'd love to make my own little bookclub on here, where I can read a book and let you know my thoughts and hopefully others will join in and let me know what they think. So far my club has 2 members. Me and Norman my dog, because he lies on the bed and reads with me... so he is a member by default...and not very good at expressing his opinions...I think there might be some kind of language barrier.

Currently I am reading Madeline Wests book "Six under Eight", which is basically all about her life with her 6 children (who are under 8... get it?). It's bloody funny and I think if you are a parent you would probably appreciate it more than if you don't have kids, but in saying that, I think regardless you would enjoy it. I haven't quite finished reading it yet, but when I do I'll pop my first book review up on here.

I already have the next few books lined up, plus a MASSIVE list of books I want to purchase next. So I feel like this book club could be kind of a good thing, for me because it will be good motivation, but also hopefully provide some entertainment for you and provide good recommendations, hopefully if you are into the same kind of style as me.

(These are my next 3 in line...)

This is a bit of a short post today, but I just really wanted to share one of my ideas with you and see what you think, and again to also hold myself accountable so I actually go out and do what I said I would. I need that kick up the bum sometimes!

So, that's all for now. Stay posted, get reading, stay classy and most of all... never assume a Llama and an Alpaca are the same thing, that's rude and they both spit!


  1. The post is great! You have a wonderful blog:)


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