Sunday, 1 January 2017

Happy New Year!

Happy 2017 Everyone!

Isn't it crazy that not only another year has gone by, but it's now 2017! Seriously... it freaks me out how fast time zooms past.

Sorry I have been bit quiet over the last couple of weeks, this was Poppy's first Christmas and I really wanted to take time to really embrace the time with her with trips to see Santa, Christmas shopping, holiday baking and just being generally merry. I hope you guys all had an amazing Christmas and were completely spoilt rotten by Santa.

Now that we are in the New Year, it is a time of reflection of the year that has passed and making goals for new adventures to come. I always get a little bit flustered at New Year because I make so many goals for myself to achieve and I just want to do everything right away, but then I realise I can't and things take time... and I get frustrated. This year is no exception. I have so many thoughts tinkering away in  mind, so many plans, so many goals and I got really overwhelmed to the point where I just didn't know what to do with myself and I turned into a real cow (Sorry Paddy). So after I had a little (a big) rant today I decided to write lists. I am a list maker, it takes all the clutter out of my brain and puts it down in front of me in a clear way, thereby cleaning my brain out and allowing fresh thoughts, kind of like a window for my brain but with more mushy bits and veins.

I know there are many who think New Years resolutions are a load of poo, they kind of divide the people who love them and people who hate them. I am a massive New Years resolution maker. I feel like you have a clean slate of a new year, it gives you this excuse to start fresh and get a massive boost into doing things you want and need to do, whether they be small or huge. Either way, now is the time to focus your mind and out and kick goals.

2016 was kind of a funny year hey? For me personally I would describe it as a very emotional year. I had extreme highs of having a baby and getting married and then a lot of drama, anxiety, anger, frustration in between. I was reading an article that was saying that apparently 2016 was the year of clearing out what doesn't benefit you. Which means that you probably found yourself questioning relationships, your career, the path you are on and this may have resulted in conflict, frustration, upset etc. So 2016 was the year to clear it out, which means 2017 is the year to find yourself and really kick goals. I guess it depends on what you believe, for me that totally rang true and I really believe there were a lot of tests for me last year and now I know what I need, want and deserve in my life. So you can probably see it was a lot for me to process over the New year period, hence feeling totally overwhelmed and a teeny bit emotional.

What do I do know, is that there is A LOT going for this blog. I have so many new adventures to take you guys on and some cool content to share. What I would love from you guys is to hear more of what you think, feel and want from me. I am quite approachable and love a good chat so please, so be shy to reach out to me. I love feedback (constructive not nasty) and would love to hear yours. So please, track me down on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook and say "Hi".

This post doesn't really have much of a point, other than to say "Hello, I'm here, Happy New Year, I hope this year is amazing for you and I'm super excited for the year to come!".

So, 2017, here we go!

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