Wednesday, 14 December 2016

What I Ate Wednesday...

How is it the 14th of December already? I am so under-prepared for Christmas it's insane! Hope you guys are little bit more organised than me! One thing I have organised however... (nice segue) is a much requested blog post that you guys have been after. That is a what both Poppy and I eat in a day, what meals do we have, what snacks do we like... you know...all the super, deep and meaningful stuff...

One thing I am more than happy to accommodate is for what you guys want, and if in order to do that I have to eat, I can do that. So lets have a sneaky peak at what Poppy and I had to eat today...


I reckon out of all the meals, breakfast is my favourite. I am much more keen to go out for breakie, than the others, although i will go out for the others, but breakfast time just makes my stomach excited to get up. I think its because it's your first meal and it will set you up for the entire day, so you want to kind of put some effort in... So I have made my own homemade granola. It's pretty easy, it's just some oats, a mixture of nuts and seeds, cinnamon =, rice malt syrup and coconut oil. Super healthy, SUPER yummy and super easy. I much prefer to make my own, because the "healthy" granola you can buy in the supermarket, is just packed full of sugar. So this morning I had some granola, strawberries and some vanilla bean 5am yogurt (that's my fav). Poppy had her Rafferty's baby cereal, mixed with some banana.


I'm not a massive meal person, if it were up to me I would just snack on things all day. I'm a grazer, like an antelope... maybe that's what I was in my previous life. So for my lunch today, I couldn't make up my mind/couldn't be bothered making a big meal, so I just had some turkey on crackers, a rice cake with hummus and some little crackers. Kinda boring, but it did the job. Poppy had a rice cake with hummus and some banana and pear. A nice easy, light lunch for both.


Since Poppy has dropped down to two bottles a day, she needs a few snack to get her through or she becomes hangry (just like her Mum). So before her nap she just had a little apple muesli bar and I joined her and had my FAVOURITE muesli bar from Carmens. It's the coconut and roasted nut one...sooooo good!!


Tonight's dinner was the best of the whole day. I was looking forward to it the moment I woke up (I know sad right?). It was Zucchini fritters! So so so good and we made a cous cous salad to go with it. This salad is one of my favourites to make at Christmas/Summer. It has cous cous, mint, cucumber, feta and pomegranate seeds. It's so fresh and yummy!! I love it. But these Zucchini fritters are the best, you have them with Greek yogurt and your stomach will love you forever. We gave Poppy a little one as well, with some steamed veggies, but she ended up loving it so much she stole some of mine.

I hope you guys liked this kind of post. If you want me to do it more often, let me know. I love seeing what meals people eat, to get bit of inspiration for what I can make next. Let me know of any of the social media worlds if you enjoyed it and I'll be sure to do it again soon!
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