Thursday, 1 December 2016

The Friday Five

Happy Friday Everyone!
I'm writing this at the crack of dawn, before anyone in my house is awake... Serious Mum life. But hey, there are many hours in the day, you might as well use them! So on that note, let's jump right in to this weeks Friday Five:

1. Eden_Zoe Necklace.

One of my most prized possessions in the world (material possessions, not going too deep and meaningful here) is my Eden Zoe "Poppy" necklace. Not long after Poppy was born it was conveniently Mothers Day. I don't know if you know this, but Pregnancy and Labour are KINDA a big deal and I had quite a bumpy road on the way to getting my little bug out of me. I wanted to get myself a present, just as a pat on the back to myself and I saw thee personalised necklaces which were perfect. I saw this company o Instagram and I absolutely loved all their stuff, particularly because you can get a Rose Gold necklace, so obvious win for me there. I got their rectangular pendant, with Poppy name on the edge, nice and simple, but meaningful. I absolutely love it, it's such good quality, not expensive at all but just beautiful. I even wore it on my wedding day. I just thought I'd share this as an potential Christmas present idea for any of you. I'll pop their website down below!

2. Milani Bronzer

Who doesn't love to look like have some life in their face and are not close to becoming a vampire? Me! I love it! You know what really helps with that? Bronzer! My beloved 'Benefit' bronzer was reaching an all the low and I was in serious need of a new one. I have never tried a 'Milani' product before but I have heard good things, so I thought it was time to check them out. I grabbed one of their baked bronzers (I got the shade 'Soleil') and I was so pleasantly surprised. First of all, they are so prettttty, they are like you normal bronzer but with these beautiful flecks of gold through it. This gives of such a nice, glowy look when you apply it to your face. It's almost like having a  bronzer and a highlighter in one. I am a massive fan of the dewy look, which this product creates in a really subtle way. Just as a heads up, the 'Soleil' is the darker shade of their bronzers and probably wouldn't suit my fair skinned peeps, so maybe down a shade or you may look like an Oompa Loompa.

3. Christmas Cards.

Now that we are in December, I can justify talking about Christmas on here way more than I already do. One thing that I pride myself on at Christmas time , besides my amazing shortbread cookies, is that I still send Christmas cards. Real Christmas cards, in the post, like in the olden days. I remember when I was little and we used to get heaps of Christmas cards sent to us and their would be nicely placed all over the table in the lounge room. Nowadays, people don't really do it, it's all just a text or a Facebook message. I love to send people a card, just to bring bit of Christmas cheer into their mail box and also to take that time to write to the people you love, just to say "I'm thinking of you, I love you and have a Merry Christmas". It really doesn't take much out of your day, but really brings a smile to peoples face. Maybe this year, if you haven't done a card in awhile, give it a go, you'll feel all warm and fuzzy.

4. Skin Republic Face Mask

Recently I was sent a few of the 'Skin Republic' face masks to try out. I love a good face mask and have never had the chance to try one of these ones out, so I was super excited. For some reason my skin has been breaking out, may be the weird change of weather, may be the chocolate I keep eating, but I had one of their "Spots + Blemish" mask and that sounded perfect for what I was after. It's one of those weird masks that make you look like you are wearing skin on your face, like that serial killer that does that... I forget which one, but that guy. So it's kinda weird BUT the aftermath is amazing. You basically leave it on your face for 30mins and don't wash off the cream that's on the mask once you have finished. The next day I woke up and my skin felt AMAZING. Seriously, it was so clear, clean and felt 100% fresh and new. I was so surprised and my breakouts had calmed down so much, some were nearly gone, so I was very excited. This brand has heaps of masks to choose from, I have a couple more I want to try out so I'll let you know how they go, but definitely worth a try if you are planning a pamper night at home! I'll link the website below:

5. Summer.
(Me and my Mermaid friend at the beach).

Yep, if you are in Australia (or New Zealand), it's now December (well it's December ALL over the world) and that means it's SUMMER!! Thank god! It took it's sweet time didn't it. I absolutely love Summer time. I love the beach, the yummy fresh food, ice cream, Summer fashion, the lighter nights, being able to go barefoot and no one cares. I love it. To celebrate the first day of Summer, Poppy and I went to the beach and I was very happy to see she was SO excited. I think I have a beach baby, her Dad has Irish skin so is not too keen to be in direct sunlight, so it makes me happy she seems more like her Mummy. Hopefully Melbourne weather realises it's Summer and actually stays warm for more than 2 days, I'd appreciate it, but nonetheless Happy Summer Everyone!

That's all from me! Have a great weekend guys and be sure to pop over and follow me on Social Media for more amazing life updates like, "Hey I just made my first lasagna and only put 2 layers of pasta...that doesn't seem right"...

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