Thursday, 8 December 2016

The Friday Five - Travel Edition

Happy Friday Everyone! Is anyone else getting ridiculously excited that Christmas is getting closer and closer?

One fun fact about me, I LOVE to travel. My husband and I have the travel bug hardcore and we are always planning our next adventure. I thought for today's edition of 'The Friday Five', I would do my top 5 places I am DESPERATE to get to... maybe it'll work like a Law of Attraction kinda deal...

So here we go:

1. Lapland, Finland
If you are a lover of Christmas cheer and all things merry, then this place is your heaven. Lapland is the home of Santa, so they say, and therefore there is a massive Christmas village set up there. A friend of mine went their with her kids and was telling me that you need to get a special plane in to the Santa village, the flight attendants are elves and they play Christmas Carols for the flight. When you arrive they have gone all out with decorations, it's literally a village dedicated to Christmas and then you get to meet the big guy himself. It sounds too damn good to be true and not to mention, it's bloody beautiful. So the plan is to go there in a couple of years to get the REAL Christmas experience!
(Look at those damn Snowmen! Too good to be true!)

2. Iceland.
Speaking of cold places, you might as well go to Iceland since you are in the neighbourhood. Iceland is ridiculously beautiful. All the buildings, the houses, the snow, the northern lights. All of it... insane.  One thing I am desperate to do over there is go to the Blue Lagoon! The Blue Lagoon is a geothermal seawater pool, which basically means a natural spa bath. The water is meant to be absolutely amazing for your skin, but I mean really, it's one of the most beautiful places if you want to go and relax.

3. Bora Bora.
Ahhh Bora Bora, this little island of amazingness has been on my radar for a very long time. Bora Bora is a tiny little island, just a hop, skip and a jump away from Tahiti. When you think of a tropical island, this is probably what you imagine. The water is crystal blue, there are amazing huts you can stay in which have a clear floor so you can see whats happening down in that beautiful water and I'm betting they do a mean Pina Colada. The closest I have been to Bora Bora is my stopover at Tahiti airport at 3am. The airport was nice, they had hoola dances and it was a shack outside. So I'm guessing if the Tahitian airport is nice, then Bora Bora will be at least 4 times better than that.

(Disgusting isn't it?)

4. (Anywhere), France.
Say it with me, "Cheese". I don't mean the word you say before a photo, I mean the delicious dairy product. I. Love. Cheese. So so much. So the thought of going over to France and eating their brie, literally makes my mouth water like a dog watching it's owner eat a steak for dinner. The plan is, go to France, order a wheel of brie, eat wheel of brie, fall into a dairy coma, wake up, repeat. I also think Paris looks freaking amazing for so many reasons - the shopping, the Moulin Rouge, the stupidly beautiful streets, the chateaus and the accent. Also I heard whispers of a certain Disney themed amusement park residing there...Might have to check it out just to straighten those rumours out.

(What I assume my breakfast will look like.)

5. London, England.
Another fun fact, I have an English passport and I have NEVER been to England. I know, what a loser! What a waste! What am I thinking?? This will be rectified as soon as possible. I am just trying to get up the courage to do the 450 hour flight with a baby. Anyone want to get me some first class tickets? But seriously, MUST go to London. So many reasons - Harry Potter, Harrods, English pub meal, hang out with Jamie Oliver and become his best friend so he will cook for me all the time, Harry Potter, Hype Park, amazing tea, walking around with a  cockney accent, being able to say the phrase "you sound like your from Londonnnnnn", Harry Potter. The list is endless.

(Gloomy, cold and raining. The perfect weather for tea!)

They are my top 5. That was hard and I could go on and on and on. Here's a sneak 5 who bring our list to a top 10.

  • Ireland - Hubby is Irish, gotta go, drink Guinness, see fields, maybe find a leprechaun and adopt him.
  • Italy - Pizza, Pasta, Gelato, doesn't matter which order.
  • South Africa - See animals while they still exist, smuggle a lion through customs, hunt poachers.
  • Switzerland - Chocolate, ridiculous scenery, more Chocolate.
  • Denmark - See cute houses, buy a cute house, live in said house.
I'd love to know where you guys are wanting/planning/going to travel. Let me know of Instagram and Twitter and we can put that Law of Attraction bizzo to work together!

Have a good weekend everyone!

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