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Travel Tips: Bali with a Baby

We recently ventured over to Bali for our honeymoon. When I say we, I don't just mean me and my Husband, we had a third wheel in the shape of a small, adorable 7 month old baby. Most people will usually have a honeymoon with just the two of them, but I couldn't imagine leaving my little bug back in Aussieland for two weeks, plus if you're going to be a world traveller what better time to start than when you can't even crawl yet?!

(Our view from our balcony, disgusting isn't it?)

So we packed her up and off we went. Let me just start by saying this, travelling with a baby is SO different than travelling without one. Obvious? Yes! But when you think of a holiday you think of letting go of responsibilities, being care-free, having no schedule... all that fantasy stuff... that doesn't happen in 'I have a baby land'. You literally have all your responsibilities and a schedule that your baby plans to stick by, or else... Now I'm not dissing travelling with a child, I loved it! It was the absolute best, but it is hard to relax as much as you may have previously on a holiday. It's good just to keep that in mind.

(FYI, they don't usually have baby seats for you when you drive around, which means you need to hold on to them for dear life and get screamed at in the's not stressful in any way...)

We were actually blessed with an amazing travelling baby. Poppy handled her first flight like an absolute champion, didn't cry, had a massive nap and managed to melt the hearts of everyone around us. I mean yeah, she did have a massive meltdown in the airport lounge, but hey, why relax in peace when you can listen to the soothing sounds of a banshee? Once we were in Bali, Poppy had no issues with the humid as all hell heat we were slapped in the face with, plus she managed to give every person who came over to gush at her chubby beauty a massive smile, when I say every person, I mean the 40,000 people that constantly came over to us who had no care for us the parents, but were infatuated with Poppy. That's fine, I'll just continue to push your pram Your Majesty.

(My little jet setter)

Bali is great, but it is very different to Australia. Again, obvious. But there were a few things that made being far away from home, much easier when it came to having your baby happy, safe and well fed. So I thought I'd share my top tips for travelling with a baby, in Bali.
Here we go...

1. Food.
Now Poppy is 7 months old and loves her food more than oxygen I think, so I knew this would be a major issue when we landed in Bali. Nothing against the food over there, but as a paranoid mother I wasn't really comfortable feeding my baby, food from somewhere that even we needed to be cautious of. She is totally spoilt on fresh fruit and veg, something, unfortunately I struggled to get a hold over over there. I am not one for pre packaged baby food, nothing against anyone who uses it, but I just prefer to make my own food for Poppy, but I have found one brand of food that I absolutely LOVE for times of, "no food in the house" or a serious case of the CBF's. Rafferty's Garden are an amazing baby food company that literally have no crap in it. The ingredients are what is advertised on the front, with no sneaky additives or bad stuff to be found. So they are a definite favourite. There are so many different flavours available to choose from, lucky babies. Poppy's food schedule is usually fruit and cereal for breakie, fruit and vegetables for Lunch and then veggies for Dinner. All of this was easily catered for using JUST Rafferty's. My suitcase did look like I'd held up a Rafferty's truck on the way to the airport, but hey, my baby was fed. For her snacks I would usually steal a banana from the hotel buffet and whenever I went to a healthy cafe, I'd hijack some sweet potato fries for her to nibble on as well. Along with her formula, Poppy was a very well fed baby!

(Not only is the food yummy, the packets are a great toy! Seriously got us through many meals)

2. A pram.
I love the pram that we got for Poppy, it's great and it does such a good job of wheeling small, blabbering people around the place, but when I think about going through multiple airports with suitcases, nappy bags, a baby and all the other crap that seems to gravitate towards you when you travel, bringing a pram along for the ride is kind of not what I want for my life. So our plan was to buy a cheapy pram and bring it over with us to Bali, and then let it live the rest of its life over there. Meaning, we ditched it. We bought a $25 pram from Kmart and I didn't have very high expectations for it to be honest, BUT it surprised me and was actually awesome for what we needed. It was very basic but for our 10 minute strolls we would take everyday, it did the job. It had a roof to cover the precious bub from the sun, it was really compact and lightweight, PLUS... it was pink. Wins all round I think! Alternatively there is a company over in Bali which was created by an Aussie and they hire out basically anything you could ever want for your baby, e.g prams, bassinets, bottle sterilisers... everything! Plus it's super affordable and they deliver to whoever you are staying! How convenient, you don't even need to let your cocktail get warm...
Website is here:

(Madam Poppy modelling the pink Kmart pram)

3. Sunscreen.
I absolutely love the smell of sunscreen, seriously, it brings me back to being a kid at the beach. It's the best, unfortunately sunscreen isn't so keen on me and if I wear it I break out a 16yr old boy. It ain't cool. Plus, there's a lot of crap in sunscreen, see all those big words where the ingredients list is, some of them are nasty and it's better to keep it away from you, especially if you are 7 months old, in which case I commend both your reading AND computer skills! I had a little looks on 'Hello Charlie', a website that sells natural products for bubbas and found a natural baby sunscreen, that was safe-ER than most around. I know it's never going to be both 100% natural and 100% effective, so if I can find some kind of happy medium I'm good. So I found the UV Natural Baby Sunscreen and it worked a treat. It's pretty thick so it does take bit to rub it in, but I didn't have a baby that was the same shade as a lobster and I sneakily used it on my skin a couple of times and I didn't look like a Dalmatian!
Baby sunscreen can be found here:

4. The Plane.
No one really likes being on a plane, it's boring, you are confined to a very small space, there are weird noises, VERY weird smells and I'm pretty sure the food can talk. So when you see a baby come on board, there are usually a lot of eye rolls and uncomfortable sighs. I get it, babies are loud and unpredictable. But i personally have never cared if a baby cries, they are a baby in scary metal container that flies, I sometimes want too cry too and I'm an adult. So we knew that there would be a few unhappy passengers on board when we came on. So we bribed them. The night before the flight we put together a little bag with some lollies, ear plugs and an adorable note "from Poppy", explaining that it was her first flight and she is really sorry if she cries but it's just bit scary. How can you get mad at that? You have sugar, quiet and cuteness. It did work and a lot of people relaxed and suddenly loved us. We also had enough toys to run a toy shop, so that kept her quiet, plus the plane was showing 'Mickey Mouse clubhouse', so it was just a win all round for us! Also a good note was that we gave her a bottle at both take off and landing, this helped to avoid her ears getting blocked and also take her mind off the fact that we were hurtling into the air or onto the ground...really fast.

(Evidence of our attempt to pull at the heartstrings of all those seated around us... emotional manipulation works like a charm)

5. Toys.
When you think about how many toys your baby has, and how they are all supposed to fit in your bag because they have the attention span of a ferret and need them ALL, you may nearly have an emotional breakdown. I did. But then i realised there were magical toys out there that came with many parts which to a baby means, many bits to play with. The winning toys of this trip included a puzzle (the pieces were all apparently delicious according to Poppy), comforters (easier to lay flat in suitcases, books (both to read and chewed) and links (they can be made into so many variations that they are enjoyed for ages!). Majority of these toys were about $5 from Kmart and were absolute lifesavers because they were easy to travel with, small so they could come for a ride in the pram and they provide unusual amounts of entertainment considering they re just bits of wood and plastic.

(Peppa Pig, Puzzles and the Pool... Poppys perfect holiday)
6. Water Wipes.
I am very picky about the type of wipes I use on Poppy. I have just read about some of the nasty ones out there, and considering how many times a day you wipe their bum, face, hands plus everything else, you want it to be kind of their little, gentle, cutie pie skin! So when I found out about Water Wipes and I have never turned back. They are 99% water, which is freakin amazing, super moist (eep yucky word) and they are so soft! When you are in Bali, you are all constantly covered in sunscreen, mosquito cream, humid heat, sweat, dirt and god knows what else. So these bad boys were there for us through the whole trip and kept my bubba clean. If you haven't tried them, check them out! Amazing!

7. Nappies.
People often ask what the nappy situation is like over there...Look, I honestly barely found any. I mean I brought my own so I obviously wasn't really looking, but whenever we were in a convenience store I would have a sneaky look and there wasn't a lot around. I'm a Huggies fan and they have always worked well for us. I honestly thought considering how many Aussie tourists are over there, that there would be at least some places that would stock Huggies but I didn't see anything. I did hear this might be the case before so we packed our own. It's annoying because your whole suitcase is taken up with nappies, but seriously so worth it because it would have been a disaster if we didn't! Also I brought along some swimming nappies for the pool, but I actually found it so much easier to use the little bather bottoms that double as a swimming nappy. They are reusable and so much easier to take around, as it's on less pack of nappies to stuff in your bag.

(This is literally what our suitcases looked like! I had clothes to wear somewhere in the vortex on babyhood and nappies. Also see that big pink polka dot toiletry bag? That's for her too...yep...)

So they are my main lifesaving tips for travelling to Bali with a baby. I'll be posting tips that's saved me and also a food guide as well in the next couple of weeks so stay tuned for that. Also if you have any questions of your own, please feel free to contact me via Instagram/Twitter/Facey!
Now enjoy this adorable picture of Poppy... yep, I want to eat her as well...


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