Thursday, 24 November 2016

The Friday Five

Ahhhhh the weekend. The days where life is little bit more relaxing, the sleep is longer and the care factor is lower than ever. Unless you're a mum...then life continues at 6:30am as normal. Not complaining...well I sometimes do...but Fridays are still fun! I eat a block of chocolate on Fridays and DON'T feel guilty... Anyway let's jump right into out Friday Five to get this weekend going...  I need to go buy my chocolate...

1. Gilmore Girls.

I watched Gilmore girls when I was younger and I absolutely loved it. But I think a combination of high school and a short attention span, meant I just didn't finish and moved on with my life. So recently I saw they are doing a new season of it, which sparked this love I have for this show which was hidden away in a dark closet in my brain, I think near where I keep addictive pop songs I'm embarrassed to love and my full working brain capacity that was lost once I became pregnant. But anyway, I thought:
Me- " Hey why not watch the show from the very beginning before starting the new episodes?"
Also Me: "Yeah that's a great idea Amy, now you have absolutely no social life and sleep about 4 hours a night."
 But you know what, I don't care. Lorelai and Rory are my new friends and we WILL drink coffee until 3am and I don't give a damn! But seriously, this show is amazing. Go on Netflix and join me. We can totally swap quotes and bitch about Lorelai's mum on Twitter together! GO!

2. Marks & Spencer Christmas Ad
There is something about Christmas commercials that make me overly emotional and this one is a perfect example of that. We don't even have Marks & Spencer in Australia, but this ad really grabbed my heart and squeezed it till it exploded with Christmas cheer! It's not even sad, why did I cry? Maybe they were happy tears? It's beautiful and so Christmasy! Just watch and enjoy!

3. Spotify Christmas 

Speaking of Christmas, has anyone noticed that Spotify have included a Christmas folder in the genre list? No? Just me? I literally check this when it clicks over to November because it makes finding Christmas playlists and albums SO much easier. It's the simple things in life...

4. DIY Candles

I am a candle addict. For realsy! I love my house spelling so delicious that you want to eat the walls, don't eat my walls though... The thing about my addiction is that it can be an expensive habit, has anyone else noticed how bloody expensive candles can be? I mean the really good ones, there is no point getting the cheapo ones because they last 4 seconds and smell like toilet cleaner. So I found a solution... make your own! Woah, what is this sorcery you speak of? Well I did a day course on making your own candles and you know what, it's actually not that difficult AND it's ridiculously cheap. If you got all your candles supplies it would cost about $30-40 dollars and that would make you about 20 candles. It's insane. So now I'm a crazy candle making lady, but it's cool, I accept it. I'm going to do a blog post soon and a video showing you how easy it is and everything you need to make your own. Then you can be crazy like me! Dream come true!

5. Rimmel 'Fresher Skin' foundation.
Fun fact: I am extremely picky when it comes to foundation. I don't like foundation that's oily, but I love it dewy, I don't like it too matte but I don't want to reflect the sun. It needs to be perfect and also alot of foundations break me out something chronic, hence why I am extremely pedantic about which ones I use. Nars 'sheer glow' is my go-to foundation, we are in a serious relationship that will be hard to break, but I was searching for a foundation that I could wear on lazy days, days where you just need to run to the shops and not scare people with your zombie like appearance and that's when I found Rimmel 'Fresher skin'. This foundation looks like it would be quite oily but it actually almost has a matte appearance, but not too matte (like I said I'm not a fan). It's not super thick, so you don't get the best coverage but enough to make you feel as though you can face the world. The colour is also really natural and not overly brown/orange/white/grey that you can sometimes get with drugstore foundations. I really like it and so far, no break outs! It's also pretty cheap, like around the $15 mark which makes my wallet happy! So give it a go and let me know what you think!

(My scary mug looking less scary thanks to a quick dab of this good stuff! I use the shade 'true beige')

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