Thursday, 17 November 2016

The Friday Five

Welcome to the amazing day that is Friday! I hope your week has been full of amazing things and awesome times. To bring you into the weekend here are five things I have loved, learnt, enjoyed, had over the last week! Read, eat, try, go, enjoy!

1. A quick Spelling lesson...
I don't know about you but I was never a strong speller. My homework would always come back with big red marks all over it from the teacher (why red? It's so aggressive! Why not a calm green?). If you feel you are in need of a quick spelling lesson, watch this video! This kid is on to something...

2. Lacura Primer

Here is a beauty one for all my make-up loving peeps out there. If you don't use primer, you're missing out on life. Well you're not, but I just like to be dramatic. If you aren't aware of what it actually is, primer is basically put on your face before you apply to make up to help everything sit really nicely, as well as give your make-up longer lasting coverage through out the day. It's pretty awesome stuff. I have always been a fan of 'Benefit Cosmetics - The pore-fessional'! It's the best!! But I recently found a primer that comes in at a very close second place. That is 'Lacura Beauty's' primer. It's awesome because it moisturisers, has SPF protection AND works as a primer! Multi-tasking at it's finest. It is an amazing primer, I used it and my make-up did not budge all day! It was even really warm here in Melbourne and usually I would look like a sad faced clown by 2pm but nope! Awesome stuff and the best part is, it's from Aldi and only $4.99! What is that sorcery??

3. Fennel Tea
I love tea. I love it, it loves me and we have a very happy relationship. The thing I love about tea is that there are SOOO MANY teas out there to choose from that fit your mood, the weather, which part of your body you feel needs bit of TLC or just as a sneaky treat. One tea I have recently discovered is fennel tea. Sounds really unappealing right? It's not. The magic trick is you have fennel tea and peppermint tea together and they make this amazing combination of yumminess. Not only does it taste great, fennel tea has loads of health benefits as well. It's great for your digestive system, helps settle hormones, it's good for milk supply for all the breastfeeding mums out there, helps to clean your blood, reduces water retention and can even be used as a natural remedy for babies with colic. It's like a superhero tea! Go and grab yourself some, it can be found in most health food shops and remember if you don't like it alone, mix it with peppermint!

4. Santas Place

In my past life I think I was Buddy the Elf. I am a massive lover of all things Christmas. We moved to the Mornington Peninsula around this time last year and discovered the amazing cave of wonder that is Santa's Place. Basically you go there and its like Christmas has vomited everywhere. Everywhere you look are lights, trees, ornaments, sparkling things, Santas, reindeer's, everything! Plus they have a cute little cafe that does amazing iced chocolates and when it's time for your tree, they have a Christmas tree farm that you can go to and choose your very own. I went there with Poppy and she absolutely loved it, she didn't know where to look and my wallet was litter bit scared at the mental list of things I planned on buying. If you are down this way, do yourself a favour and pop in! It's great to get that Christmas spirit going!
(Poppy enjoying her babycino at Santas Place)

Here's the link to their website:

5. Putting your Christmas tree up in November.
Yeah, I did... and you know what?... it's awesome and I love it. So if you are one of those people who are two scared to do it because of all the Grinches out there judging people for doing it, ignore them! Coming home to a beautiful tree and snuggling on the couch watching the twinkling lights, make your life so much more merry and magical! So do what you gotta do and be happy about it! Here is some Christmas tree inspiration for you!

Have a great weekend everyone and be sure to head over to see me on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for a sneaky look into whats happening in my life day to day!
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