Thursday, 10 November 2016

The Friday Five

Friday again! What an eventful week this one has been. Yo bring you in to the weekend, here are this weeks 'Friday Five'!

1. This amazing Lizard!
I never thought I would start of my list of awesome things with a lizard, but seriously, this will be one of the most intense things you watch in a long time! It's like an action movie! Juts watch, go on, watch! Massive hats off to that little dude, he did well!

2. The 5 Funniest Trump Tweets
Obviously we are all well aware that Donald Trump is now President of the United States. You may be happy about this or sad, all I know is Twitter was bursting with life during the election. Here are some gems I found that gave me a good giggle...

3. Funniest things people have said before going under an anaesthetic.
I read this article when I was pregnant, and no joke I actually thought my water was going to break because I was laughing so much. Seriously SO funny. Jump over and have a read for yourself!

4. Australis Nail Polish - Candy Hearts.
I am a massive lover of having my nails painted. I love getting them done, doing them myself, I love that feeling of having your nails freshly painted and how it makes you feel so pretty and girly. Love it. I recently tried this nail polish by Australis and instantly it came one of my favourites. Such an awesome bright pink colour, perfect for Summer time. This polish lasts so long, its nice and thick so you don't have to coat it over and over again and it drys really nicely. The thing I love about Australis as well, is they do not test an animals! Massive bonus points as I am a massive lover of all things furry/scaly/feathery.
5. Sunscreen
I am 100% guilty of being one of those people that go out in the sun, sunscreen free and don't care about the serious consequences of sun exposure, because I just want a tan. So guilty, so I hear those people that are like that, I get it. But my mind has done a massive shift recently and I kind of like the idea of not boiling my skin away, letting it get exposed to harmful UV rays, not increasing my chance of skin cancer, not getting premature ageing to my face, not having blotchy skin as a result of too much sun exposure and just generally not walking around looking like a half boiled lobster. It's kind of cool and I think more people should get on board. My skin isn't the biggest fan of a lot of sunscreens, there are some out there can cause me to break out in a big way, so I tend to do for the more natural brands which seems to do the trick. I also prefer to use more natural brands on Poppy as well, because baby skin is so cute and precious, I don't want any nasties on it. So basically, to conclude, put sunscreen on!
(These are the two I use for Poppy. Left is 'Le Tan' roll on for kids, the right is 'UV natural' for babies)
(These two are what I use, both 'Natural Instinct'. The left is the body sunscreen and the right is the tinted face sunscreen - amazing!)

I hope you all have an amazing weekend! I know there is a lot of crazy stuff going on in the world, but everything will be OK, just stay positive, go for a walk, hang with people who make you happy and watch a Disney film. All is well and all will be well!

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