Thursday, 3 November 2016

The Friday Five

Happy Friday Everyone!!

We are at this end of the week now so I'm sure everyone is in a relatively happier mood than on those damn Mondays!

To take you into the weekend here is you Friday Five! Enjoy!!

1. How do you get Pragnet? 
Oh my god this video literally made me LOL... I promise to never write that sentence again! But seriously watch this...It's basically people who has misspelled pregnant and someone reading it out loud...simple but bloody hilarious!

2. Trippy...
This picture really played with my mind for a good...I dunno...10 minutes... You see oily legs but once you read the picture, you just can't go back! It's's the whole blue/black vs white/gold dress all over again!

3. Breeze Balm
After I was pregnant, my skin became SO dry, especially my lips. Nothing I used seemed to hydrate them enough and it drove me insane. Then when I was in Bali, the same thing happened, super dry lips! I have tried heaps of lip balms but I heard about Breeze Balm through Fitness guru/ Amazing soul Ashy Bines and it has literally changed my lips world forever. Seriously so hydrating and makes your lips all luscious and pretty looking. Sammy Leo, the lovely lady who sells these products is a lifesaver and my lips owe you big time!! If you haven't tried it and are currently rocking the "dry, cracked lip" look, head over to this website and grab yourself some. Seriously... Why are you still reading this? GO!

4. Castles
One thing we are seriously lacking here in Australia, is Castles. Lets all be honest with ourselves for a minute, ever since watching 'Harry Potter' we have all wanted to live in a castle, right? Right! So here are some castles that are so damn beautiful they'll make you nauseous...

(Mont Saint Michael, France... It looks like Cinderella's castle!)

(Neuschwanstein Castle, Bavaria, Germany - Say that name after a few drinks!)

(Eltz Castle, Germany - Looks like it should be Hogsmeade) 

(Scotland Castle...that's all the information I have...)

(Eilean Donan Castle, Scotland - Looks like something other of 'Game of Thrones")

(San Morino Castle, Italy - Haunted for sure...)

(Vorselaar Castle, Belgium - Looks like they have a few plumbing issues...)

(Hollanzollern Castle, Germany - Pretty sure this is Hogwarts.... so it's in Germany ey?)

(Not sure... I think Snow White lives there...)

5. Inspiration to lift you up...

(I love this, simple, to the point and true!)

I hope you guys enjoyed and have an amazing weekend! Don't forget to say Hi on my social lines and be sure to follow me there for more awesome stuff like, photos of my adorable baby and what I had for know... life changing stuff...

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