Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Store Fifteen - Main St, Mornington

I am always on the hunt for a really awesome cafe. Particularly a cafe that serves delicious, healthy food. To be even more specific, a cafe that has an amazing Acai bowl. I have challenged myself to go on a hunt and find as many amazing cafes as I possibly can, both in Melbourne and the world, to find the yummiest acai bowl, plus all the other yummy treats that come with it.

Today's adventure took us to 'Store Fifteen' in Mornington. It's this tiny little cafe that you would miss if you weren't looking for it. I say that because, I literally couldn't find it until I counted the numbers up from one to fifteen going up the street - counting is fun and educational! The cafe is a really cool, rustic style place, that's super cosy and was really nice to snuggle in on a yucky, rainy Melbourne day.

(I love that the seats are covered in hessian sacks, plus all the exposed wood is really cool!)

For me, this place was pretty awesome because it had all my favourite things - cold pressed juices, smoothies, raw treats, healthy meals and only soy/almond milk in their coffee. If you aren't into that kind of stuff... you probably won't find much for you there. Paddy was busting for a sandwich and was a little bit sad when he read the menu, but I on the other hand was super chuffed.

Obviously, I ordered the acai bowl, mostly because a friend of mine went there and told me it was amazing, so you gotta try it out right?! I have very high acai bowl expectations. I have had quite a few and to be honest, I am usually disappointed. So far my favourite acai bowl is at 'Soul Press' in Hampton/Edithvale and nothing really seems to compare.              

But then I tried this acai bowl... so good! It was so well presented, covered in fruit, nuts, seeds, coconut and even a flower. The bowl itself was huge, so for what you pay you get quite a decent serve! Usually I think you pay for the wank factor of eating an acai bowl, but this time you actually pay for real life food. The acai itself was really yummy, bloody freezing on a 13°c day, but so thick and creamy. I really enjoyed it and I found the nut mix, along with the coconut, to be super yummy. I was really full afterwards, which is nice because you want a meal to actually fill you up, as sometimes with acai bowls they don't, but this one does the job.

(This was my acai bowl, along with my matcha latte and Poppy's babycino.)

The cafe also got bonus points for make a babycino for Poppy and I finally got to try a Matcha latte. I like it I think, it's kinda weird and the flavour is... different... but I think I'll grow to enjoy it. It kind of feels like your drinking some kind of chalk... but it's good? I think... I'm undecided, I want to like it, so I will persevere. I also really want to try their avocado on toast because besides an acai bowl, this meal is one of my absolute favourites.
(I'm pretty sure she enjoyed her babycino.)

So if you are around Main St, Mornington and this kind of food appeals to you, check it out, try an acai bowl, let me know your thoughts on a Matcha latte and enjoy. They also have a beetroot latte which I didn't know was a thing, but try that too and let me know! The only thing is, if you're a parent and you want to bring your bubba along, there are no baby seats... well none that we were told about anyway, so just a warning!

Let me know if you enjoy these foodie reviews and I'll be sure to go and check out some more places and keep you informed on my search for awesome healthy cafes and amazing acai! Also please let me know of any places I SHOULD check out, because I'll be there in a heart beat.

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