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Natural Obsession

I absolutely love make-up. I think it's great, it makes your face all pretty, make you look less tired, can make you look like you have the most bangin cheek bones these parts have ever seen, it's great. The thing I find kind of funny is that with all these colours and options to choose from, I always seen to go for the most natural looking colours. I mean yeah I love a good red lip, but I would always gravitate to the nudes first. Why do I want to buy something that is basically another version of my own lip colour? I don't know, it's best not to question it I think.

When  it comes to make-up I really love a natural, beachy look. I love sun kissed cheeks, simple eyes and yummy natural looking lips. Thats always my go to. It's easy, simple and always works, not matter what the occasion. I'm always on the hunt for really good, natural looking make-up, particularly for my lips, it is a never-ending quest I seem to have found myself on. I thought I would share today some of the gems I have found along my way, as well as a few that are on my "to-buy list", just incase there were any of you out there on a similar adventure to mine. Maybe we could swap maps? Or even have a picnic and swap nude searching tales? We'll discuss that later...

'Creme D'nude' - Mac Cosmetics Cremesheen Lipstick
So far on my travels, I have found that Mac kicks ass in the natural lip department. They are kind of amazing in the whole lip department to be honest, I am constantly staring at their website making a mental shopping list. 'Creme D'nude' is one of my favourite nudes because it's just so natural. I know that sounds really vague, but it just makes your lips look so creamy and creates this really pretty beachy look. This one is always in my bag as a "I need to quickly whack something on to look at least 10% better than I currently do". It's probably the most neutral shade out of all the products I mention, a little bit on the pale side, but nice and simple.

                                           'Pure Zen' - Mac Cosmetics Cremesheen lipstick
You will see Mac pop up a couple of times, because like I said they are champions in this department.  Pure zen is another go-to of mine. It's a tad darker than 'Creme D'nude" but still gives your lips a really natural glow. It is almost like if you were to give your lips a fake tan, it would look like this. Definitely an awesome lippy if you are going for a beachy look. It has really good coverage as well, it's nice and thick and lasts for ages.

                                                          'Myth' Mac Comestics Lipglass
Yep, Mac again. This one is the best friend of the two previous creme sheen lipsticks. Lipglass is SUCH a good Mac product, I have always been a massive fan of them, but 'Myth' is without a doubt my favourite gloss. If you want to give you lips an extra plump up, but want to keep that beachy, nude vibe, add this bad boy on and it's a match made in heaven. These products really compliment each other and will create a polished yet natural look. Winner winner, chicken dinner!

                                                 'Sonic Truth' - Marc Jacobs Lip Creme
Woah a non-mac product, nobody freak out. This one is a slightly more high end product but so worth the money if you ask me. Fun fact - I am a massive Marc Jacobs fan, their perfume is my constant and they can do no wrong in my eyes. I'll happily accept anything Marc Jacobs, there I've put it out there and I'm not ashamed. Also another fun fact - this is the lipstick I wore for my wedding. So it's got a special place in my heart. This lippy is slightly more of a pinky shade compared to the last two. It's super pretty and I think is probably the most "natural" of all the products I mention, but it just brings your lips to life. I absolutely love it.

                                                     'Pa-ree' - Australis Matte Lip Cream
This is the first lip product from Australis that I have tried and I'm really impressed with it. This one is a matte lip cream, so like the name suggests it's matte and super creamy.
"Wow, thanks Captain Obvious!"
 "No worries, anytime".
The first thing I noticed about this one is it smells SO nice. Is that just me? Is that a thing? Are they meant to smell like berries or bubblegum? So yummy! The next thing is it is SO thick, which means you don't need much of it and it lasts for ages. 'Pa-ree' is more of a brown nude, but still very natural. This one is really good for the winter months I reckon, but in saying that would look really good with a tan. So it goes either way, don't listen to me. The major selling point is that Australis DO NOT test on animals so this is a great morally happy product for your collection.

                                                      'So Cute' - Kylie Cosmetics Gloss
Kylie Cosmetics, that was a major surprise to all of us wasn't it. I seriously didn't have high expectations for it but God I love it. This gloss is my absolute favourite and I paired it with the Marc Jabs ' Sonic Truth' for my wedding day and they worked SO well together. Kylie cosmetics are amazing in the fact that the stuff does NOT come off. I say that in a  good way, until it gets to 2am and you are scrubbing your lips with sandpaper (don't EVER do that). Super long lasting, really pretty and has a slight pink tone to it, hence why it works really well the 'Sonic Truth'.

                                                    'Candy K' - Kylie Cosmetics Lipkit
Speaking of Kylie Cosmetics, here it is again. I love a good Lipkit. They are SUCH a clever idea, have a little package with a liner and a liquid lipstick. Genius. This lip kit was my first one and my favourite so far (I have another mental list for this brand too). This one has more of a reddish tinge to it, it's super subtle, but it just gives your lips this really awesome plumped look. It's great for when you are going out for a nice dinner, because it's natural but kind of sexy. I love it. Also, will not come off! So get that make-up remover ready when you get home.

'Natural' - Innoxa Lip Liner
Lip liners are the right hand man of your lipstick and glosses. I never really got into lip liners but now I see just how misguided I was. A nude liner is great to keep that natural, beach look going all day. It just gives your lips that little extra life and helps your lip products stick for a longer period of time. This Australis lipliner is literally what it's name suggests - 'natural'. It's very neutral but really brings out the life with whatever product you put on top. It is super easy to apply and again, good for your animal friends!

'Perfect Nude' - Too Faced Lipliner
This one is my absolute favourite lipliner. This was the final member of my wedding lip combo and just fit perfectly with 'Sonic Truth' because it has a slight pink tone to it. Too Faced are one of those companies that are always reliable and so far I have always loved their products, but this one, as simple as it may be, it one of my favourites and one I will always gravitate to!

(Here is a swatch of them all to see what they look like.)

A Bonus Extra:
"Sexy Mother Pucker" - Soap and Glory
This one isn't a lipstick/liner/gloss but rather a sneaky addition to make your lips look extra amazing. I love big lips, I think they are awesome and luscious and yummy. I have been searching for a good lip plumper for awhile and have been bit disappointed because while most will make your lips all tingly, they literally look exactly the same. My amazing brow lady recommended this product to me and it literally changed my lips life. Yes it gives you that crazy lip tingle, but your lips actually plump up when you use it. I always pop bit of this on before I put any other products on just to give them that fuller look. The plumpness isn't extreme, but it's enough to notice a difference I think. Plus the best part, this product is super cheap and can be found in pretty much all your big make-up stores like Mecca Cosmetica and Sephora.

Now while all these currently reside in my house, there are a few sneaky ones around who I have a very close eye on. These ones include:
'Blankety' - Mac Cosmetics
'Noble' - Kat Von D Liquid Lipstick
'Stripped' - Nars Velvet Slide
'Hush' - OCC

If you see these bad boys, be sure to send them my way because I want them...

I hope you guys enjoyed my favourite lil nudey buddies. If you have any favourites of your own please let me know over on Twitter or Insta because I'm always looking for new ones to try out.
Thanks for reading and I'll catch you guys on the flip side!
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