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My Healthy Favourites

I've been trying this new thing out, I heard about it somewhere on Pinterest, it's called "being healthy". Basically the concept is that you find a healthier alternative for something that you might be eating/wearing/using that's not so good for you and making it better. Crazy stuff... but you know what? I actually like it.

Now I'm not a health fanatic, I eat too much chocolate and will never say no to dessert, but I am really trying to lead a 80/20 kind of lifestyle. That's 80% healthy, 20% a bit of everything else. I truly believe life should be balanced, because it's too damn short to say no to that gigantic piece of cheesecake!

Lately I have found a few healthy alternatives that have really made a massive difference in my life, they are easily found and not too harsh on the wallet. So I thought I would share some of them with you to try for yourself, if you are also on this crazy adventure of healthy-ish living!

Happy Way Protein.
This one is more for the exercisers of the group. I have never really been a massive protein fan mainly because the majority of them are full of sugar and crap you don't need. Yeah some of them are yummy, but why are they so good? Check the label, it's the sugar. So I never really had it. I also get a little bit freaked out by foods or drinks that have ingredients that are either too difficult to pronounce or have more ingredients than what I'd find in my food cupboard. Too complicated and to be honest, not good for you. Then I found 'Happy Way' and it was like the health gods found me a gem! This stuff has got literally no crap in it, there are just a few ingredients and you can pronounce all of them AND you would even know what most of them are e.g maca powder, chia seeds, pea protein. It's naturally sweetened with Stevia and it tastes AMAZING! Seriously, it's so damn good! My favourite is the chocolate but I'm busting to get the Vanilla but it's also sold out because I'm assuming, it is also amazing!! I love to make a protein shake after a workout and mix the 'Happy Way' protein with coconut milk and banana, it's the best!
If you want to check it out for yourself, here is the website:

Greens Powder.
If you are one of those lazy people that don't get enough veggies into you, then this one is for you. Now fun fact, Fruit and Vegetables are good for you! Mind blown, I know... But sometimes when you are super busy you just don't think about the fact that you haven't eaten a green vegetable in over a month and wondering why you feel so shit... You need to get on the greens powder! I have also had crappy iron levels, plus my immune system isn't great so when cold season comes around, those germs are on me in a flash. So I decided to declare war on the germs and I fought against them with a greens powder. There are so many of them out there but I love the Morlife Greens Powder purely because a). It's got SO many good things in it and b). It doesn't taste like death, because a lot of them do, I'll warn you now. Greens powder is super easy to take as well, you can either whack it in a smoothie or a juice, or I make a greens shot with the powder and coconut water and take that first thing in the morning. Simple, easy and makes you feel good!
Here is the link to the Morlife Greens Powder if you want a closer looksy:

The Clean Treats Factory.
Now I have a MASSIVE sweet tooth, which when you are trying to be healthy, doesn't make life easy. I could literally devour a whole block of chocolate and not think twice. I'm like a shark, once I start I can't stop until theres chocolate carnage. So I found it's better to find a healthier option for when I'm in one of those moods. I discovered 'The Clean Treats Company' and thought I'd check out the Clean Treats by Ashy Bines. I ordered the chocolate protein balls and I'm pretty sure I'm an addict. No joke, can't stop myself. But the best part about them is there is literally NOTHING bad in them, at all, nothing! Not a thing! They taste like chocolate crackles from heaven and I love them. I also tried the Salted Caramel the other day, which was also amazing, but the chocolate is hands down my favourite!! If you love raw treats, then this one is definitely for you!
To buy your very own version of chocolate heaven, here is the link:

12 Health.
I absolutely love baking, it's one of my hobbies and it brings me so much joy to bake yummy goodies for people. But sometimes I really feel like some yummy baked good, but have a serious case of CBF.  This is where 12 Health slotted nicely into my life. They are a company that makes these pre-packed goodies which are gluten free, super conscious to different allergies, paleo, vegan, basically all the healthy diets combine. They have heaps of different options but I got myself a few of their muffins (Banana, Vanilla Protein and Chai) and you simply just add the mix to some coconut oil and a few other ingredients, pop it in the oven and BOOM, healthy and amazing muffins. They are so simple, so clean and so yummy. I was actually surprised because I find a lot of gluten free/vegan stuff can sometimes be a bit...plain to put it nicely, but it was awesome. Paddy, (my husband) isn't a massive fan of gluten free, vegan mixes but he really enjoyed these, so it can please anyone! They also have pizza bases, pancakes, cakes, breads, just everything!
To grab some yummy goodies for yourself head to their website here:

La Bang Body.

I have mentioned before about my love of coconut, but incase you are new then here's a fun fact... I love coconut. Particularly coconut oil, it's a god send! After I was pregnant, my skin and hair because SO dry. I know thats a common thing that can happen to women after child birth, but it drove me insane. My hair felt like it was going to snap and my skin was flakey and not good). So I did some research and I kept find that coconut oil was the best, natural way to deal with this problem. I have mentioned this company before, but they were then called Coco Body, now they are La Bang Body, so I ordered their body oil and hair treatment. Life changing. Not only do they have coconut oil, it has an amazing mix of all these other beautiful oils that just replensish both you skin and hair . I did one treatment with the oil in my hair and I seriously felt like a mermaid! Everything just came back to life and I haven't turned back. I do a treatment in my hair once a week and I use the oil after every shower. I even used the oil on Poppy when she had bad ecsema and it worked a treat. They have heaps of different flavours which all smell amazing, but I'm a massive fan of the vanilla and lime. I kind of want to eat them, but I won't...
To grab some for yourself head over to this website:

Sukin Organics.
I have definitely mentioned this one before, but that's because I have no found a better alternative. Like I mentioned before, I believe in a balanced lifestyle and that includes what I put on my skin. I love make-up and I am well aware that it's probably not the best stuff to be putting on my skin, so I will continue to use it but I make sure I clean my face with something that is good and will nourish it. Balance! I started using Sukin products a few years ago and the difference it has made in my skin is amazing. I had quite bad skin, always breaking out and I just could not control it. Since using Sukin, it has calmed down SO much, it's so much more vibrant and just feels nicer. Plus their products are natural, no crap, only good stuff which is awesome. I love their Greens Face Scrub and their clay face masks, as well as their rosehip oil. It's like washing your face with a healthy hug.
To check it out and give your face some TLC, head to their website here:

I hope you guys liked my healthy tips, I truely love each of these products and they have worked so well for me, so I really hope some of you can find a new favourite here. If you have any of your own that you think I might love too, please let me know on Twitter, Facey or Insta, I'll be your best friend. While you're there, be sure to like, follow, comment and it'll bring a big smile to this Mummy's face!
Thanks guys!

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