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Bali Tips for Adults

As you are probably aware, we recently travelled over to Bali for our honeymoon. A few weeks ago I posted my Bali tips for travelling with a baby, as Poppy was our third wheel, but I thought I would share some of my tips that I felt really helped, or would have helped me personally while I was over there, as they may be some help to any of you who plan on heading over there at some point.
So here we go:

( Our family photo on the beach at our resort. Poppy is thrilled to be involved...)
As much as I loved the holiday, I found food to be the biggest struggle for me. I try and eat as healthily as I can, along with a treat or two or 7, that I enjoy as well (balance!). But I found that eating healthy or healthy-ish was a lot harder than I anticipated. We first stayed in a resort, which was absolutely beautiful, but the food was very "western" but not in a good way. It was all very carby and full of sugar and while that's great for a day or two, you do get to the point where you literally cannot stomach the thought of another burger, or pasta, or nachos... that's a lie, I could eat nachos everyday. But I just really craved some nice, healthy, fresh food. We are so spoilt in Australia with fresh food, you don't even realise it until you leave, but we are so so lucky and need to take advantage of it more. But anyway, we did manage to find a few places that did AMAZING food, really fresh, really yummy and made my stomach feel a million bucks. Here is a quick list of places to try:
- Cafe Organic:
This cafe is in Seminyak, and whilst it took us over an hour to get there from Nusa Dua, in a cab, with a screaming baby, stuck in traffic (I think I aged about 40 years), it was totally worth the trip. I am not really a meal person, I prefer to pick at things and have a bigger selection of little dishes to choose from, so I got their dips, sweet potato fries with guacamole and an acai bowl. SO DAMN GOOD! I wanted to high five everyone is the cafe because it was seriously the best. Sweet Potato fries are also a great baby silencer, at least for 3 minutes, but those 3 minutes are gold. Paddy had the 'Veggie Whopper Burger' and it was pretty amazing, I had a few (extra large) bites. Definitely check this place out if you are in the area and love that kind of food (sorry to the meat eaters, you won't have anything there for you as it's a Vego, Vegan kinda dealio).            

So apparently, the Sofitel have a buffet lunch on the weekends. We read about it and thought "hey that sounds like it could be OK" and we went along and woah... life changing food moment. I have had a fair few buffets in my life but holy shit, this one was the best. It literally had EVERYTHING you could possibly want! Every kind of meat, seafood, a cheese platter, pizzas, pastas, stir fry dishes, curies, a popcorn cart, A DESSERT ROOM (yes room! What the hell?!) and a huge range of salads. I sweat I got heart palpitations as soon as I grabbed my plate, it was so overwhelmingly good, I'm not even being dramatic, it was the bombdiggity of buffets. The added bonus was, the staff are all so lovely, really helpful and so easy to chat with. We just had the best time, so do yourself a favour and give this one a go! You won't regret it at all!
(I am well aware majority of the photos consisted of dessert, but my meal mainly consisted of dessert so... you know... just trying to show you from my perspective here.)

- Nostimo Grek Grill:
We actually had this food delivered to our room one night (dinners were kind of not an option when you have a 7 month old) and it was awesome. I had done bit of googling/tripadvisoring and found this place, which was really highly ranked and had awesome reviews, so decided to give it ago. I really love Greek food but I was kind of habit hesitant because, like I said before, we are really spoilt with amazing, fresh food in Australia, so I thought maybe it wouldn't quite meet that standard (bit snobby but it's true). It did meet that standard and kicked its snobby standard butt! This food was YUMMMMMMMMMY! I got some chicken skewers and their Greek salad (everyone raved about this salad on Trip Advisor) and they were both so delicious! The chicken was so nicely cooked and flavoured and the salad was so fresh and flavoursome. From the photos the place itself looks really beautiful, so next time I go to Bali I want to actually go in, because if the delivered food was that good, I can only imagine what it would be like there!

- Remix Juices: I love cold pressed juices! They are such a quick and yummy way to get a whole bunch of good stuff into, very quickly! I had heard about this company on Instagram and was so keen to check them out. It's an awesome online company that creates cold pressed juices that you personally order for yourself online and they deliver to your hotel. There are heaps to choose from and they are super yummy. They have a short shelf life so it's best to order a few days at a time, but they really make you feel awesome, if you are in need of a pick me up.

(Their little pack of snacks is super yummy as well and the almond milk is great for making coffee in your room if you're not into cows milk).

'Go Jek' App: Speaking of food, my friend told me about this app called 'Go Jek' that is basically the same as 'UberEats', where people go and pick up food you have ordered using the app and deliver it to you. I downloaded it (it's free FYI) and it literally had ALL the restaurants in Bali. I was worried it might be bit restrictive but it was awesome. We used it a couple of times and we had no issues at all. You pay the driver when they arrive, so no online transactions and they will bring it to your hotel. Sometimes it took longer than expected due to the traffic, but we were in Nusa Dua and most of the places we got food from were in Seminyak, so that's to be expected. The drivers are all lovely as well and the food was in good condition when we got it. So if you have a baby who needs to be in bed, or you can't be bothered venturing out, give this app a go!

Hair care: So fun fact - my hair HATES Bali. I have naturally beachy, wavy kind of hair, which is great (sometimes annoying when you want straight hair) but its manageable. Not in Bali, I was transformed into a poodle within minutes of walking outside. The humidity it strong over there, so curly haired people beware. I also found that the water from the shower and the pool really dried my hair out something chronic! I didn't bring anything to help repair my hair with me, because I didn't even think about it, so by the time I got home my hair was so lifeless, dry and plain old crap. It took alot of treatments and coconut oil to get it back to life. So my suggestion is this, bring over a treatment for your hair, or a really good conditioner and give your hair bit of TLC every couple of days. My favourite hair treatments are the "La Bang Body' hair treatment, which is basically a mixture of different oils like coconut, Moroccan, jojoba and macadamia, as well as the 'Moroccan Oil Restorative Hair mask'. I'll link these two down below if you want to check them out.
La Bang Body Hair Treatment:
Moroccan Oil - Restorative hair mask:

(It's not real if it's not on snapchat... Check me out to see more - amescoster)

Greens: It's common knowledge that at some point when you are in Bali, your stomach will turn on you. I have a pretty good gut and don't really react to food, but I was feeling pretty yuck by the end. At home I have a massive tub of the Greens that I have everyday, which always makes me feel awesome, so I thought I should probably bring some over with me, just incase. 'Morlife' greens are my personal favourite, there are heaps out their to choose form, but I like this company because they make little sachets especially for when you are on the go! I had packed some with me and they really did make such a different. Especially after the flight where you can pick up germs and just feel bit crappy, these greens will help you fight all of that off!


Places to stay: We were there for two weeks and we were pretty conscious of the fact that our activities would be limited because we were travelling with a baby, so our plan was to spend one week in a resort and the second in a villa. The resort was to just switch off and be absolute sloths. We stayed at the Grand Mirage in Nusa Dua and it was great. The staff are all so lovely, they have a huge pool with a little kiddy pool which was perfect for Poppy, the beach attached to it is really clean and pretty, but for me the best part about it was the atmosphere. It's just a beautiful hotel and they really go all out with the detail whether it be frangipani flowers all throughout the pool, a man who does little designs with pebbles all around the hotel, yoga by the beach in the morning and at night there are little market stalls that set up around the pool. My only complaint was the food situation, which I have already spoken about and also most nights had shows on, which normally I don't care about, but all the rooms seem to cuddle around the stage area and it's SO loud. So if it were just myself and Paddy that would be fine, but with a baby... not cool. Just keep that in mind.

(He must have the patience of a saint!)

(The view from our balcony, pretty shit hey?)

For the second week we got a private Villa at the Mantra Sakala. Villas are SUCH a good idea, especially with a baby, because you can set it up so its much more homely, set up your kitchen, you have bit more space and also you have your own private pool. So next time, I would definitely go to Villa option again. The only downside really with this was that the "Private pool" didn't feel like a "private pool" because staff were constantly coming in, unnannounced to "fix the pool", which we didn't realise needed to be fixed. It was abit weird, but we got over it and it was nice to just chill in our own space for awhile.

(Daddy and Poppy enjoying a poolside drink.)

(To summarise my poolside experience, I guess I'd have to say it was really tough...)

(Wifey and Hubby having a few moments alone. Enough time to take a selfie. True love!)

(I got this tattoo on my foot as a reminder of things I want for my life. Peace, love, Sandyfeet. To be happy, to love lots and see the world!)

These were my main tips, I hope they helped any of you who are heading over soon, or even thinking about going! Please let me know if you have any other questions, or even tips or opinions of your own about anything I mentioned, and as always head over to my social places of residence and follow, like, say "hey"... you know, the usual.
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