Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Imaginary ASOS shopping

Do you ever sit there staring at your wardrobe, at all the clothes bulging out of it, the pile of clothes lying next to you on the floor, the overflowing drawers behind you and think... "I literally have nothing to wear". This is me on the daily. My problem is, a lot of my clothes have been stretched to an inch of their life, because I chose to ignore the massive baby belly I had and pretended I could wear anything... So now my clothes hate me. Therefore, I think it's time I got some new clothes.

I am going into this new phase of my life, I think it's called 'growing up and being less of a space cadet' and I am wanting to mature my wardrobe. I'm still going to wear Disney clothes and bright pink jumpers, don't get me wrong, I mean more that I want to downsize the wardrobe and really get some investment pieces. Quality over quantity... I finally understand it. I also want to match outfits, so I can wear my clothes more often, rather than having a whole bunch of random crap that matches nothing.

The best way to revamp anything, in my opinion, is to go to the fantasy world which is the Internet. I love to go online and "dream shop". This basically means, go onto my favourite sites and save all the items I really want and over time I can pick one or two, save some money and that's my goal. Rather than overwhelming the wallet and getting everything all at once, because you are more likely to just go shopping again in another couple of weeks. So this is smart shopping. Something I was never, ever good at, but I'm trying to be better.

So today I went dreaming shopping on 'ASOS', one of my most favourite places to shop and I thought I'd share with you some of the clothes I bought in imaginary land, I have also linked the items below incase you want to check them out for yourself.

Rose Gold Sequin Dress

I love rose gold on literally everything and anything. So when I saw this dress I said "Yes, take my imaginary credit card and I'll be on my way". This dress is such a beautiful shade of rose gold, not too over the top, but I mean it's sequins so it makes a statement. I love it, I want it and one day it will be mine.


Ripped Jeans

I am all about ripped jeans. In saying that, I don't like jeans that are TOO ripped, it needs to be a nice balance of rippage going on. I do love ripped jeans though, I am on the hunt for a new pair and these are absolutely perfect. They look super comfy, nice shade of blue and a perfect rip count. I also love the length, I have shortish legs and I hate when jeans are too long for me because then I have to do the whole "take them to get taken up" thang and I am far too lazy for that.


Denim shorts

Apparently, it's nearly Summer here in Australia. I am from Melbourne, so I wouldn't know since we have boiling days and then the next day is arctic winds and storms. But, if Summer does arrive, I need to invest in some good ripped denim shorts. They are a staple during the hot months and can be worn down the beach, to the shops, on the couch, walking up the stairs. Pretty much anywhere. 'One Teaspoon' is on the pricey side but they are really good quality and will last you ages! I also really like the back of these shorts, I like that they are alittle bit longer than the front, good to hide that cheeky bum away.


V-neck t-shirts

An absolute staple that every wardrobe must have - some good plain t-shirts. These little bad boys are so versatile, can be worn to dress up or down and they are super comfy if you get a good one.



Check shirt

The farm girl inside me loves a good flannel. I have never been a farm girl, but I'm sure everyone has an inner farm girl/boy right? Well I do and they love flannels. They can be worn so well with shorts or jeans and there is just so many damn colours to choose from.


Black Maxi Dress

When I was pregnant, I really developed a love for maxi dresses. They are the most comfortable thing in the world to wear, especially when its boiling hot and also great for Christmas day, because you can eat as much as you want and you don't have to worry about those damn tight dresses exploding. A good black, maxi dress will do you well, it can be done up so you look like you care, or thrown on when you just don't give a damn.


Off the shoulder dress

Anything off the shoulder is my absolute favourite look for this summer. As soon as I saw this dress, I wanted to reach in and grab it off whoever would be holding it in the ASOS laboratory. I love it, the colour is so earthy and pretty, I love that it kinda has this bohemian/piratey thang going on and it just looks so flowy and comfortable. I. Want. It.


Fluffy Slippers

Apparently it's be proven that you need some really comfy slippers as they are really good for your circulation and prolong you life by 20 years. None of that is true, they are just super cute and cosy.


Rosegold ballet flats

I love love love ballet flats. I wear them on a constant basis and would 100% wear these things over heels. So when I saw these bad boys I thought about the basic maths: rose gold + ballet flats = Happy Amy. If the math is there, you gotta do it!


Nude Ballet flats

Again with the ballet flats, like I said before - very comfy, must have. I have never been one for nudey kinda shoes, but they are kind of growing on me. I think with the right outfit they would look quite cool, plus they are super versatile and can be worn at a whole range of different occasions.


Black Boots

I never used to like heels, then I discovered chunky heels and all of a sudden my feet were in shoe heaven. I think every girl should have a nice pair of black boots in their wardrobe. Especially ankle boots like these little cheeky bums. Aren't they so pretty? Don't you just want to put them on and stomp around like you own the place? Me too... I better get them...


Beige Boots

If you get black, then you gotta get brown... it's like a rule I read about... Don't argue.


Adidas Shoes

To complete (well not complete, but nicely add to) your shoe family, you need a comfy pair of sneakers. I am usually a converse girl, but I saw these Adidas shoes and thought "Hot dayum", ok I didn't, I just thought they looked nice and I like the colour. Plus Adidas shoes are comfffffyyyy...


I don't know about you, but my dream wallet is tired. But my dream wardrobe is happy. If you have gone dream shopping, I'd love to hear what you got yourself so jump on over to Twitter or Instagram and let me have a sneak peek!
Thanks guys and I shall see you on Friday... well I won't see you... unless you invite me over for tea and biscuits, in which case I'll be there at 10am!

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