Friday, 28 October 2016

The Friday Five: Halloween Edition

So because Fridays are awesome, I have decided that we should celebrate them. There will now be an official Friday segment of my blog called "The Friday Five", where basically I share 5 things that I have found along my travels throughout the week that are AWESOME. They make you think, laugh, cry, feel warm and fuzzy...or they are just weird and random. But they are also a conversation starter for your weekend, as well as give you something to procrastinate with throughout the day. I'm super giving like that!

So as Halloween is literally days away, the first official Friday Five will be a Halloween edition... spooky AND fun!

So here we go...

1. This Halloween house.

I watch it every year, it amazes me and I am so beyond jealous. I have already told Paddy when we have our dream home, our house will be decorated all crazy like this! Love it!

2. Halloween facts.

There are A LOT of people, particular in Australia who don't like Halloween because it's, "an American holiday". Therefore they don't know anything about the holiday and also they are what we call "A Grinch". So here's 5 Halloween facts to shove at a "Grinch" to keep their evil boo hoo spirits away.
  • Halloween is traditionally a CELTIC (not American) holiday, originally known as "All Hallows Eve". On this day it was believed that the gateway to the undead would open and all the spooky characters would wander the earth. People would dress up in costumes in order to trick them all, thinking they were just like them. It is thought that Ireland was where Halloween actually originated from. 
  • The word 'Witch', comes from the olde English word, "wicce", which means "wise woman". Wiccans were at one point, regarded as highly respected people and would hold one of two very important meetings on Halloween. 
  • To those people who don't trick-or-treating or general spooky fun, they have 'Samhainophobia', the fear of Halloween.
  • Trick-or-treating was originally a Celtic tradition in which people would leave food at their doors steps in an attempt to calm all those angry ghosts and demons which were wandering the streets on Halloween night.
  • According to legend, if you wear your clothes inside out and walk backwards on Halloween, you will see a witch that night... go on... I double dare you!

3. Halloween treats.

Not that this is like, telling you to keep reading my blog or anything, BUT I may have a baking blog post and video about a certain cake that's like a cup, coming up in the next day or two. To conclude... Halloween treats are awesome and should be made and enjoyed CONSTANTLY.

4. Funniest Halloween Costumes.

Do yourself a favour. Go to Pinterest and type "Funniest Halloween Costumes". You know what, here  is the link... You are welcome. Say goodbye to the next hour of your life.[]=Funniest%7Ctyped&term_meta[]=Halloween%7Ctyped&term_meta[]=costumes%7Ctyped

5. A real life ghost encounter. 
I haven't told you this before, but in my last house we caught a ghost on video. It was bloody scary and will literally make you wet your pants. If you're feeling brave... watch this next video.

I hope you guys enjoyed that! Like I shamelessly self-promoted before, there is more Halloween goodness to come. Have a great weekend, don't forgot to check me out on social media and if you think, or see, or read anything awesome, let me know and I'll add it to the next, 'Friday Five'.

Until next time... 

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