Thursday, 6 October 2016

So we start off our episode with the evil threesome plotting away over a cauldron of deceit and backstabbery. I'm talking about Elle, Flick and Brooke obviously. They're deciding who their next victim will be and all of a sudden, Lee and Hot Sam are on their sniper list! Um, no. I don't think so. They need to be stopped! Enter, Jenna Louise. Our new hero to be. Her plan is to gather the bottom of the hierarchy and break up the girls. She approaches Sue who is quick join her army. They set sights on Sam, surely he has to realise that sooner or later the girls will turn on him. Not sure if he is swayed, you can only hope he is smart enough. The next is The Magician, he has to flip considering it's fairly obvious the girls have left him out on his own. This is exciting! I got your back Jenna... well I mean, this has already been filmed and there is literally nothing I can do to help her but you know... IF... I was there... I'd have her back... Fo sho...

But then the Magician disappoints us all...he is playing a Kylie card and thinks he's buddy buddies with the evil threesome. No, no, no, no... not again. He blabs and tells Brooke about Jennas plan. The girls are all pissed of and say, "she's gone," about 45 times, but then have the back up plan to vote The Magician out if Jenna gets an idol. Look, Magician man, I've been telling you for awhile now, you need to listen. In fact, you ALL need to listen. They don't want you here, they WILL vote you out. When I build my time machine, I am going to go back in time, find you all and shake my head in disappointment SO BAD... it'll really cause me some neck pain. That'll show you!

The reward challenge. So basically what happens is this...they are split in two teams, one person from each team must fling a ball in the air and they need to catch them. Most catches win. The winning team get a Sunday Roast dinner. Yummmmmmmm. The game goes like this, while both the ball throwers are great, the catchers are crap. Except Lee, he catches all the balls, literally, ALL of them and the rest of them flap around like a bunch of one legged pirate ducks waving sticks around... So Lee's team obviously wins and the rest get to enjoy rice and beans... yummmmmmmmm... The second 'yummmmmm' was sarcasm.

So the Sunday Roast looks amazing, like a feast for the gods! They even drink wine out of goblets, god they'd be cheap dates by this point. One glass of wine and they'd out. Meanwhile back with the rice eaters, Jenna decides to make a bold move and starts to question Flick about how she feels she will go at the end and whether or not she would win if it got down to a final 5 with Elle, Brooke, Hot Sam and Lee. I like your move, start making Flick doubt her chances of winning... break 'em from the inside. This chick, she is clever. I feel like she will get voted off but damn, go down fighting girlfriend. *snaps fingers and whips hair*

The Immunity challenge. So heres the low down... They need to stand on their tippy toes and basically balance a block on their head. The longer they are there the more it'll hurt and if the block drops, you lose. Yeah, it's a balance the block on your head comp. We are really going there. Another thrilling paragraph for me to write about balancing crap on your head. As they drop one by one, all we can really think is, Jenna Louise you have to win! Or you are in big trouble! Come on JL! It comes down to The Magician and JL. It's actually getting really intense to watch! BOOM! She won! So proud! It's not looking good for you Magician man! I wonder how your "friends" will vote tonight...

Back at camp, no one is impressed with the JL win. So now they are back to their plotting ways. Who will they decide to pick on this time? It's good to see Jenna is as frustrated as I feel about the act that no one is standing up to them. Everyone thinks they are voting for whats 'best for their game', but it's not, because they are ultimately going to get voted out. If it's going to continue this way, it's honestly getting bit boring to just watch people being voted off one by one. 

Tribal Council. So here we are again. This one was an interesting one. Jenna Louise put in some pretty big fighting words. Shit got real, really fast. She basically outed the Magician, saying he did the dodgy on her and told the girls about her plan to get them off. He argued back, saying his buddies are his besties and would never turn on him, she then said she doesn't understand how many people need to tell him he isn't in the position he thinks he is for it to get through (I kind of agree). The girls pipe up and deny their super alliance, Sue calls there bullshit and says eventually they are going to have to turn on each other. For some reason they deny this, but it's true, you will, that's kind of how the game will go. Hot Sam gets involved, a bit pissed off and thinks JL is just annoyed she isn't in the cool group. He even manages to drop an insult over to Nick at the jury. It's all very tense and awkward... I love it. Unfortunately at the end of it, Sue gets voted out. This is getting stupid now. 

I'm hoping there are some serious cracks in this alliance of boring, because it's way too predictable. Also, side note... There will be no recaps next week because I'll be on my honeymoon!!...I know tough life, someone has to do it!! So make sure you keep an eye on my social lands and you'll get updates on my tan and how hard it is to do nothing and lying by a pool.

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