Tuesday, 4 October 2016

My not so secret shame: Survivor Recap ep.17

Episode 17: The one where Kylie has best friends forever that would never vote her out...

So apparently Survivor isn't on Sundays anymore. Didn't get that memo when I sat down to watch and some random movie started. I was confused, shocked and flabbergasted. But it's ok, I was in bed by 8:30, so I obviously got over it...

Our episode begins with the aftermath of Nick leaving Survivor. Right before he was voted out he dropped a few bombshells, one being that The Magician isn't as close to the three girls as he thinks and also exposing the 3 girl alliance, (Flick, Elle and Brooke) as the rulers of the game. So back at camp there are a few unhappy people and a lot of eyes on the girls... Which is not what they wanted.

The Magician opens up and and tells about his past, how he felt like an outsider growing up and that that feeling continues a bit in this game. OK so, I feel as though these episodes are getting more emotional overtime and listen, I had a baby 7 months ago so I'm emotional enough at the best of times, so this is really starting to crack me. I'm going to be like permanently puffy faced...like a puffer fish who got stuck in 'puff mode.'

Flick is in damage control, trying to convince everyone that what Nick was saying wasn't true and blah blah blah, not worth writing coz it's all a lie. Her plan is to try and get Sue on board with the girls, because they have the power of 3, plus the Hot Sam and Lee alliance, therefore with Sue, that would make them a solid 6 and they could pick off people one by one. What I don't get is that there are just as many people there who are NOT in their alliance, so why don't they all join forces and fight back? Stop trying to break in somewhere when you are in a pretty good position. I know, I'm so wise and full of strategic wisdom it just makes me sick! Anyway, Sue plays along with her little game, fully aware of what Flick is doing. She's a clever ol' duck this one, I love her spunk. Break them apart Sue!

Kylie has a little chat with us and thinks she is all cool with the Elle, Flick, Brook alliance. Listen Kylie, lets talk... You're not... You're not in their group, they don't want to be your friend, they aren't going to invite you over for a sleepover, they never have been your friend and never will. You need to let it go. Open you're damn eyes and look at the other people around you. You're giving me the shits.

The Immunity Challenge. Ok, so they've jumped back to the 'difficult to describe' challenges. So there's a balance beam, they have to build as they walk over it The first 6 to make it go to the next level. The next level is a really wobbly ladder/bridge thing they must cross, top 3 go to the next next level. The final level is, they have to get balls in three different box things. First to get all three balls in wins. Does that make sense? If it doesn't then, I don't know...I don't know... So the first 4 to drop out are briskly told they are off to Exile Island... um...did I miss something? What is this Island and why have I never heard about it before? What happens there? What's happening? No explanation... nothing. Fine, Survivor, be that way.  So the rest of the none shunned people continue you on to the next stage with the weird bridge thing. The 3 winners are Jenna Louise, Brooke and Elle. We all want Jenna to win, let's be honest. And thankfully, the Survivor gods listen and she does. So now we have done that, whats the deal with Exile Island?

Oh, it's called Exile Beach! ...So they arrive and there is a sign saying there is an immunity idol hiding somewhere on the island. Flick convinces everyone not to look for the idol... AND THEY LISTEN TO HER! What is going on with these people?? As if you would listen to her? She doesn't want anyone to have it.

Back on the non-exile island, they are all trying to figure out who to vote for. Kylie, yet again thinks she is besties with people who are all literally saying they are going to vote her out. It's actually quite frustrating to watch. I just wish people would open their eyes and go, "Hey, those 3 girls seem to be making a lot of decisions and have a really high chance of winning, maybe I'll get the majority of the group who are all flapping out like headless chickens together and vote THEM out, thereby increasing my chances of winning because they are ultimately going to vote me out." But hey....that's just me...

Tribal Council. So everyone is reunited. Our new jury enters... look, it's just Nick at this point. Nick enters with a newly shaved face and looking as bitter as ever. Flick acts all innocent and blabs about how she isn't a power player in the game, Kylie smiles at her bestie, coz they are best friends forever who would never vote each other out... *eye roll* *Bang head on wall* *Make weird grunting noise*. So off they go and vote. Kylie blabbers on about the group being united and I dunno, peace and love... But then, the weirdest thing happens... Kylie gets voted out! No! I'm shocked! They were all best friends for life, the united alliance of awesome buddies, positive friends in Rainbow Land!

Look, she had to go. Can someone please get some balls now and fight against those 3 girls?!

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