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I'm back with my not so secret shame: Survivor Recap Ep 24

Episode 24: The one where I'm sorry I haven't written in two weeks but I got married and went on a honeymoon...

Heyyyyyyy you... Yeah look, I know I haven't been around. It isn't personal I swear, it's just that I had this thing, like a wedding kinda deal, and I did that, then I went away on this other thing, called a honeymoon and it was in a different country and for some reason they DIDN'T have Channel 10 OR Australian Survivor... I know! Weird right? But anyway I have returned and obviously I can't recap something I missed...but basically here's what I learnt from looking at Twitter and Instagram...

  • Brooke was voted out in some kind of blindside
  • I think it had something to do with Flick (not shocked).
  • Next episode Hot Sam was unfortuantly voted out. 
  • I'm going to say it was Flicks fault.
  • They are still on an island and their tans are very impressive.
Does that help you much? I'll take the silence as a yes...

So lets move on to last nights episode. It's getting close to the end now, so it's pretty cut throat and super tense. In case you aren't aware, our remaining Survivors are Lee, El, Flick, The Magician and Kristie. So I still have 2 of my predicted winners in there, although my streak of my chosen ones are still getting voted out... again... I apologise for any unconscious jinxing I may have caused. 

Today our Survivors wake up on their 50th day on a deserted island. 50 days! They are very chipper for people who would STINK and be so in need of some serious carbs! Except The Magician. He was in bit of a mood. I think its because of something to do with Hot Sam being voted out and they were in some kind of alliance? I don't know... the recap at the start of the episode was VERY uninformative.     

So El (whose name I have been spelling incorrectly for weeks... my bad) and Flick have a little deep and meaningful. Flick says she really wants to take El to the final two, El then says for her it's more of a threesome because she has an alliance with Lee. FYI I just read that Lee and El are actually a couple! How bloody cute is that!! They both seem so nice and both being single parents, I think its awesome that they found each other, even in crazy circumstances like that! Super cute. Anyway that makes it awkward for Flick because I kinda don't think El will be choosing her when it comes to the very end. Flick even asks if El wants to be in a final two with her and you can see the serious hesitation El has in answering, awkward. 

El and Lee walk off for a little stroll and it literally takes about 4 seconds for the Magician and Flick to turn on them. But Flick is SUCH a good friend right, pretty sure she just said she "would never write El's name down" and now they are saying "lets vote Lee and El out". Kristie innocently sits by, sometimes piping up with general statements, kinda like Brick in Anchorman. In saying that though, there is the Lee/El pair and the Magician/Flick pair, which means Kristie is in the middle and that all of a sudden makes her VERY popular. 

The Immunity Challenge. So looks like Lee has been dominating in the immunity challenges. Well done, gold star. This challenge involves them all standing on a block, and holding some kind of flat disk plate and having to balance a ball on it. They then go through through rounds where another ball is added. So basically they are just balancing balls. Good to see they saved the riveting challenges for my return. To be honest, it actually did get quite intense, especially when it came down to Lee and The Magician in the end. Did anyone else snicker every time Anthony Lapaglia's brother talked about them balancing their balls? Tee hee... we eventually get to the end of the challenge and Lee again wins the extremely ugly immunity necklace. 

So now is when things start getting interesting. The Magician gathers Flick and Kristie to inform them that they need to vote off El. He wants to keep it all very hush hush so they don't catch on to their little plan. Thats ok, coz Flick decides her and Kirstie should tell El they are voting her off. That will go well... I'm sure of it... *Insert some kind of sarcastic face*. The girls grab El and go have a chat on the beach. Flick tells her that they are going to vote her off and El, well, she is pretty pissed. El turns on Flick pretty hard. She tells Kristie that Flick is not to be trusted, she is a liar, she has promised everyone she will take people to the end (VERY TRUE) and that Kristie would be better off joining with her and Lee. Flick just basically digs herself into hole, obviously not prepared for El to go into attack mode and turn it all around on her. It's pretty great. You can see Kristie slowly back peddling and considering joining forces with them rather than the others. El takes them all back to camp and tells Lee whats going on. He is also pretty pissed and both him and El make a pretty convincing case to Kristie that she needs to side with them. 

All of a sudden, the rain gods decide to make a storm from hell and they are all stuck in their little shelter together...and it's SUPER awkward. Even I feel awkward sitting here watching them, like I should be busying myself in the other room. There is a fiery conversation between Lee and The Magician about what Kristie should do, who is and isn't trying to manipulate her and all the while she sits there, I'm sure quite pleased with the fact that she knows she won't be voted out because everyone needs her. Pretty well played to be honest. I don't know if she intentionally played it that well but still, well played. So as the storm gets worse and the music more intense, they all grab their torches and head off to tribal council.

Tribal Council. Coincidentally once they reach tribal council, the crazy storm has stopped, must be the magical powers of Anthony La Paglia's Brother! They all settle into their seats and out come to jury. I find it funny that whenever they are voted out, they are so humble and happy, but when they are in jury mode they have all got serious sass, with a good case of resting bitch face. So they all answer their questions, all very happy and giving the best "everything is so happy and fun" answers that they can. But then El and The Magician have a little heated argument, about whether or not they were ever in an alliance, The Magician saying he was in one with her, El saying they weren't. The Magician gets little bit attitudey in this one - very much a high school girl, eye brow raise, smart ass comeback kind of thang. Once thats done,  they go off and write down their votes and it is decided that The Magician, it's your time to leave my friend. I honestly didn't see that one coming, I thought for sure it was Flick. But hey, there you go. 

Only a few more episodes to go which means only a few more recaps to go and a lot more non-Survivor related posts coming up. Thanks so your patience while I have been away, it's so good to come back. There was a lot of blog planning while I was gone so there are some pretty awesome things coming this way, which I am super excited about. As always, be sure to connect with me over in Social Media land and also let me know if there is anything you want from me, whether than be blog content, maybe a new show to recap, maybe adopt a goat or just a virtual hug. I'm open to suggestions! Especially if it's the one about adopting a goat!

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