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My not so secret shame: Survivor recap ep.16

The episode starts off with the Bitch Brigade having a whinge about Hot Sam and how thry're pissed off and don't trust him... you guys say that about everyone. Not a very nice way to kick off the show. LEAVE SAM ALONE!!! Like that Britney video? No? Ok... On a more positive note... Nick now has something new to complain about. If he didn't have the Immunity Idol last night he would have been in serious trouble and now he is feeling very betrayed by his alliance. He is planning revenge by, "Chopping them off at the knees," but I don't think any 'chopping' will be going on by Nick... you'll be voted out next buddy...

Brooke pipes up with the whole, "Hot Sam is crap," thing. Hot Sam says he finally stood up and did what he felt was right, not what he was TOLD to do. You Glen Coco!! The girls obviously don't like that and start, "Woe is Nick, poor Nick" stuff which we all know is a lie, because he annoys them. Nick joins in on the guilt party saying he isn't a liar or a 'snake' but it's like, we can all see what you do, we watch the show... It's on camera! I'm feeling a little frustrated... Can you tell? Maybe I need a hobby and need to not be so emotionally involved, but you know... YOLO.

The Reward Challenge. Anthony LaPaglia's Brother brings up the subject of, "What do you miss most?" Nick starts the crying act. I say 'act' because I kind of feel like he is putting on this whole being super sad and emotional act to make people feel sorry for him, thereby not voting for him again. It could just be me and maybe he is genuinely sad but... I dunno... he is pretty dodgy, I think he might be a Fakey McFakerson. Anyway, the reward challenge is, they are split into two teams and they must go through some kind of obstacle course, they get rings and have to throw them onto a hook... First team to have all their rings on hooks wins! The prize? Letters from home. *Cue tears*. They haven't even read them yet and they are crying already. Totes emosh episode tonight guys.

There's a big slide for them all to go down, that must cheer them up, surely!? Anyway, so after they all throw their rings at a hook for awhile, one of the teams won. Yeah I know, not helpful, but I don't know how to describe them anymore! They have NO NAMES!!! How shattered would you be to miss out on that reward! Bahh! I feel for you peeps who lost! It was actually really lovely because The Magician was quite emotional just at the thought of getting a letter... but lost. Kristie, and I know I give her a lot of shit, does a super nice thing and gives her winning spot to him and Elle gives hers to Flick. So lovely! That would have been a really big sacrifice, so good on you girls! God, so many feels going on this episode, wheres the bloody chocolate when you need it?!

The winners of the challenge all gather round and are given cups of tea and get to read their letters. Cute! They read them out to one another and its bloody emotional. Everyone is crying... I'm crying, my dog crying, I think I even heard a whimper from next door... I'll check on her later. It's just a mess tonight, whats the deal? Can we have bit of warning puh-lease?!  Hot Sam gets a cute letter form his mum, The Magician gets a beautiful letter from his fiance and Lee... bahh gets a letter about his boys and watching him cry is like watching a child when their ice-cream falls on the ground, except not funny... just sad... On a serious note, don't cry too much because it'll take about 4 tears and you will all have dehydration.

Nick and Lee have a heart to heart to sort out any issues that may have come from the last tribal council. All seems quite good, he then grabs Hot Sam and I think he doesn't quite believe the innocent act Nick is playing. But then again, Hot Sam can be hard to read sometimes so who knows.

The Immunity Challenge. This one is pretty easy to explain. You must hang onto a pole for as long as you can. I feel as though, all of a sudden, the creativity in these challenges has been killed... and its body hidden in a random field. Question, how did they get to the tops of the poles? Because they are really high. Also side note, Anthony LaPaglia's Brother has quite a nice tan going on.
What else can we talk about while they all hug a pole like a koala?
Umm do you think the spiders on the island are bad? I reckon they would be.
They have currently been up there for nearly 4 hours.
There is about 4 of them left.
Wouldn't heat stroke get to you?
Do they give them water?
How would you get the water up there? A pulley system? Who knows?

I really don't know what else to say here because it's literally just people hanging onto a pole.
We are now at 5 hours and 20 minutes and we just have Kylie and Brooke left. Such a lonnnnng time! Anthony Lapgalia's Brother is only now, impressed by the way, the first 5 hours wasn't impressive enough? Brooke decides to make a deal by giving up immunity and letting Kylie win in exchange for a letter from home. Done deal. Challenge over. Kylie wins.

Back at camp, Brooke gets her letter and again, more crying. This is killing me, I cry at dog food ads let alone stuff like this. My heart, so many strings pulled... So back to everyone plotting against everyone. Nick immediately puts Sue's name out there, shocker, and it quite pleased with himself for putting his order to the group. However, majority seems to be looking over at him for someone to vote out. Please do it. No wait, Flick doesn't want to vote Nick out. Of course you don't, you want to be difficult at all times. But then they all are voting for Nick, but some are Sue, but no one really nows. Are you confused? So am I...

How full on is the music at Tribal Council? It's like they are in some den from Indiana Jones where they will have to fight for their lives and run away from boulders. Are we all going to play nice tonight or are we all going to have another argument? So, The Magician starts talking about how he has 99% confidence in all his buddies here. I'm sorry but don't have that, because the girls have you on their list of people to go. Nick starts the guilt trip and makes the mistake of saying he gave up a lot to be there and a lot of people jump in to say they have as well. Hot Sam even goes as far as saying there are plenty of other people who have gone that deserve to still be here for than Nick. Oooooooh... we're getting fights again. Hot Sam, you really throw it out there at Tribal council don't you?! I love it. Nick then tells everyone that the core alliance is Flick, Elle and Brooke, everyone else is on the outer and are not as close to them as they think. That seems to piss everyone off, he seems to be just casually digging his own grave. Anthony LaPaglia's Brother drops the news that whoever is voted out tonight will become the first person to join the Jury, who will decide the winner at the end. So you would want to start being nice to everyone at this point of the game. The votes are counted and thank god, Nick is out. He does a pretty convincing job that he's alright with the fact he got booted, but going by how well we took it last time, I don't think it's the last we'll hear about it. You'd hate to be Hot Sam at the very end and have to face Nick in the jury... That'd be awkward.

Alright so, another episode done and dusted. I feel really emotional and mentally drained after all that.  I don't even know what day it is anymore. I hope you have all been enjoying these recaps, be sure to jump over to my socials and let me know any thoughts/questions/concerns/ or just random love you may have.

Until next time, here is a video of fainting goats...

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