Thursday, 15 September 2016

3 Summer Fashions Must-Haves

First of all...can I just say how happy and pleased and all other kinds of positive emotions, I am about Winter finally leaving our shores and Summer is creeping closer and closer...Unless you aren't from'll be GETTING winter...teehee

I am SUCH a Summer girl! 100% love Summer, I love the heat, the sun, the beach, ice cream, just the whole Summer vibe. The one thing I will give Winter however, is it does win in the fashion department. I always enjoy buying Winter clothes more than Summer, I think because there are some days where the thought of wearing anything that's not bathers makes you want to cry because it's so damn hot. But I want to change that.

Last year when it was Summer, I was full blown whale pregnant. So basically none of my clothes fit me and I wore the same 3 stretchy dresses on rotation. I now want to burn them. This summer I really want to embrace the whole "fitting into clothes" thing and put bit more effort into my look. I am a massive creature of habit I find when something works for me, I stick with it. So I had a sneaky look around and I wanted to share my 3 favourite looks I'll be rocking this summer, to help inspire those of you in need of a Summer wardrobe shake up.

The Big Sunnies.
I have always loved MASSIVE sunnies. My dad used to tell me I looked like a fly, but I personally think they look awesome. The bigger the better in my opinion. They are also great to hide a no make-up look you may be going on. Lets be honest, there isn't much point wearing make-up in summer unless you want to look like 'The Joker'. You can find a whole bunch of over sized glasses on! Also check out Chrisppy sunnies! I want them...ALL OF THEM!

The ol t-shirt and shorts.
Look it's a classic and you can't be a classic! This look is simple but can be done in so many ways, so many colours, so much comfort! I'm all for looking awesome in Summer but there are days where its hot and the care factor is very minimal. You want to look good, but you desire to sit in the fridge is too great and I get it. If you can find a few basic t-shirts and mix them with some awesome shorts, particularly nice flow shorts, winner winner chicken dinner!

Off the shoulder.
This is probably my favourite look and definitely something I'll be investing in this summer. Off the shoulder tops and dresses are awesome because they work well down the beach over some bathers, but are great to make it look like you care how you look. Super comfy, nice and breezy plus there are SO many out there at the moment. It's such a nice beach, girly look! Plus if you out in the sun you don't have the annoying strap lines, you're all even Steven!

So Summer, now I know what I'm wearing, you may arrive...please! Pretty please!! I hope you guys enjoyed this little fashion post. If you have any Summer recommendations of your own please feel free to let me know and for more ramblings, don't forget to check out all my social media places to hang!

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