Monday, 8 August 2016

The Eyebrow Journey

Remember the good old days? Like around 2000-2005? Eyebrows were really nice and thin and freaky looking? Remember how people stupidly plucked their eyebrows till they had basically nothing there? Then they were stuck with the weird lines for years because they were too scared they'd look like an ogre trying to grow them back? Yeah, that was me...

The thing about eyebrows is, they are right in the middle of your face and EVERYONE can see them... even if you wish really hard that people won't notice... they do. I had bad eyebrows for years and just kind of accepted it. It all started with a bad eyebrow wax that left me with not only eyebrows way too thin for my face, but also wax in my eyeball, causing a severe 'don't-touch-my-eyes-aphobia'. I was only about 14, and just didn't know the first thing about eyebrows or looking good in anyway, (no one looks good at that age... not even you) so the crap eyebrows just stuck.

Years passed and it was weird, they were still not good. Why? Because I did nothing about them besides continue to over pluck like a crazy woman and it was until this year that I went... "I actually hate my eyebrows!" So my eyebrow journey began and I am so, so happy with the results now. My once thin and shapeless brows have been transformed into a not-quite-perfect yet - but a hell of a lot better, lines of goodness above my eyes. So, how did I do it?


(I'm assuming I wore the sunglasses to hide that fact that I just did something I would regret!)


With a lot of dedication and self restraint: Plucking eyebrows is kind of like popping pimples - it's a weird obsession but sooo satisfying when you get a good one. (You know what I mean, don't pretend you don't...) So once I started plucking, my hand and tweezers just kept going and going and going and finally I had to say, NO! I had a big chat with my brow lady, (I'll talk more about her later) and we knew that good brows were possible but it meant that yes, I had to stop plucking, yes I would look weird for awhile and yes hairs would grow in weird directions... but it would be worth it. It totally was. I left my brows for about 6 weeks (so painful) and after that first wax, I was amazed that they were already a lot thicker and they were now able to be shaped. AMAZING! Once you get over that mark, it becomes so much easier as the results far out way the urge to pluck. So don't pluck... don't do it, don't do it, don't do it, don't do it.. JUST DON'T DO IT... OK?... SHIT!

Good brow products: I never really thought make up for your brows was that important, I also wore cord pants when I was younger so... you know mistakes are made... Since I was making all this progress on my brow journey, I wanted to continue to show off their new found awesomeness and a great way to do that is to dress them up with some brow products. As far as I'm concerned, Benefit wins in the 'brow department!' I've tried a few different brands of brow liners, but I keep coming back to Benefit, so now we are in a long term relationship. I recently became a member of the 'Benefit Brow Squad', which meant I got to try out all their new brow products before they hit the shelves. I haven't yet had the time to try them out, babies... they're such attention seekers... but I will do a review once I do get a chance to use them. The one product I religiously use though is Benefits 'Brow Zings'. It's a great little tool because it is both a wax and a powder, so you can really fix those brows into place, as well as fill them in to make them lusciously amazing. One of the reasons I like this product, is because there are so many shades to choose from so you can pick one that suits your brows perfectly... rather than looking like Bert from Sesame Street. So my recommendation, go check out 'Brow Zings', or at least have a snoop around at some of the great brow products out there and treat yourself!

An Amazing brow lady: I truly believe that every girl (or guy) should have a beauty squad. What is that? Basically its your own personal army of people, that are amazing at making you look like a functioning human being. These miracle workers may include hairdressers, waxers, beauty therapists, fake tanners and in this case, an amazing brow lady. Thankfully, my hairdresser and brow lady are the same person, so that's two birds with one stone. When you look for members of your squad, they need to be really invested in not only what you WANT, but also what you NEED.
For example:

Me:"Hey hairdresser, I really want to dye my hair like a rainbow and make it look like one of those cool mullets you saw in the 80's."
Hairdresser: "No."

These are trustworthy people. They are also rare. There are a lot of dodgy, "don't give a shit" people out there who are in the wrong job, so when searching for your squad members, really do your research. Ask friends for recommendations and really go with your gut. I've heard nightmare stories about people finding hairdressers off Instagram and $2000 later, their hair is falling out on their pillow over night and had been completely destroyed by bleach and God knows what else. Once you find someone you trust, who listens to you and does an amazingly bang up job, hold on to them like they are a freakin' unicorn sent to you from the heavens.

So, that's my brow journey. Like I said, it's not finished but it's on the way to where I want to be... a lady with awesome brows... I hope you enjoyed the post! If you are thinking about going on your own brow journey, hopefully this post gave you the motivation you needed to go out there and grow some brow hairs!! You can do it! The brow gods are on your side!

*This post is not sponsored post. All these suggestions are my own (as are the brows).

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