Wednesday, 10 August 2016

My not so secret shame...

Ok ... so look... I have a confession...

I always hated, HATED reality television. I thought it was a complete waste of your brain power and I had no interest in watching it. But then I got pregnant... and I started watching 'Keeping up with the Kardashians'... then everything changed.

I don't know if it's because I have 'Mum Brain', and by that I mean, my brain doesn't really work as well as it did, due to a tiny human form consuming all of its space. But basically, to summarise the last... I don't know, year... I now love reality television. It's like an illness. It started with 'Kardashians', went on to 'Teen Mom 2' and now I'm planning on making parfaits with tempered chocolate and raspberry coolie after watching a full season of  Masterchef and now, I'm cringing at the desperation of all the women on "The Bachelor" (The girl that sung him a song??? Godddd stop!)

               (Seriously stop..stoppppp...why doesn't she stop??? Its like a form of government torture!)

So because I'm now one of 'those people', (you know them...  'reality TV lovers derrrrrrr'), I thought I would channel my obsession in a more positive form by sharing my addiction with you guys. Sharing is caring! I absolutely love reading television recaps because:

a)  They help you catch up if you missed an ep but also...

b) They can be really damn funny! So I want to do my own.

Coincidentally, 'Australian Survivor' starts next Sunday. Perfect? Perfect! So for the next (insert however long a reality TV show goes for) I will be posting weekly recaps of this amazingly addictive show that we all think we'd be awesome on, but secretly know we wouldn't! Because now I can justify watching this show... you see? See how smart I am? So smarterer!

I am a dedicated 'Survivor' watcher, so this should be an easy task! I'm good at being judgemental, I can observe things and I have a blog... so really I almost HAVE to do this because it's like... destined?... Anyway I'm getting sick of my own ramblings...

Basically what I'm saying is, stay tuned! My reality ramblings, aka "My not so secret shame: Survivor Edition" starts soon!!

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