Thursday, 14 April 2016

My Current Favourite Things

This year is zooming past so quickly! It's already April ahhhhh crazy!! You can feel summer slipping away (at a rapid pace because I live in Melbourne) and Winter creeping in (think Michael Jacksons "Thriller"). I have to say I'm not a massive fan of Winter, I just don't do the cold very well and am one of those people that prefer to bitch and complain about how cold it is rather than just shut up and jump around in puddles with gum boots on, like all those annoying positive Winter people! I do love Winter fashion though, it's way more fun and you can do so much more with it than you can in Summer! So I am looking forward to that. birthday is in Winter sooo...I'm assuming they are close to making it a public holiday for all to enjoy?

I am a big lover of sharing! If I find something that I love or that I think works really well I love to share it with people (but also secretly kind of don't want to incase it magically runs out and I can never find it again..). So I thought I would share a few things that I have been loving lately! 


My gigantic water bottle: When I was pregnant I developed this love of icy cold water. When I say love, I mean I needed it to survive the day. I ended up drinking about 3 litres of water every day and I felt SO good for it. My skin was amazing and I just felt really hydrated and healthy. Since my preggie days are now over and my belly has morphed into a tiny person, I have found myself surviving more on Coffee than actual hydrating liquid. As you know coffee is great for sleep deprivation but crap for staying hydrated and healthy. I try my hardest to drink water but I either forget or just replace water with coffee (it happens). I then discovered The Big Bottle company. Basically as the name suggests, these water bottles are HUGE! They hold 2.2litres which is pretty impressive. I am quite a competitive person and when I am given a challenge I am way more likely to stick to it, more out of pride than anything! So I thought this would be the perfect challenge for me to stick to my water drinking goals, as I could actually see my progress throughout the day, see how much I still needed to drink AND they come in pretty cool colours! So if you are like me and need some serious hydration in your life check out their website...
(It's amazing for both hydration AND getting really good arm muscles)

The Lumineers: I am a MASSIVE lover of the band The Lumineers. They are on constant replay on Spotify and they make any trip in the car seem like you are travelling to some awesome location (when you are just going to the supermarket). I didn't even realise that they had a new album coming you (I blame the little human in my life...such an attention seeker) and listened to it for the first time yesterday. I then listened to it 3 more times. It's amazing! What I love the most about it is I sometimes find with musicians that you love, is that they come out with this amazing album that you are completely addicted to and then when the second one comes out it just doesn't compare. Whether they just completely change what they do or it's just boring compared to the first, I do find myself as a non-lover of the second album. BUT this one completely changes my thoughts on that as it is almost like an extension of their previous album and it has the same chilled out, beauty, summery vibe. Basically it's great and do your ears a favour and go listen...GO! 

Exercise: As a heavily pregnant woman, the idea of doing more than walking up a flight of stairs makes you want to bang your head against a wall. I have always been a very active person, I love exercise and how it makes you feel but being pregnant, in the middle of Summer, it was like a sentence worth than death. Just didn't happen. But by the end I was really conflicted because my body was like "hell no exercise can bite a big one" but my mind was all "Yay exercise is awesome lets run 5km and lift some weights like a champ".  I really just wanted to exercise but felt so frustrated that I couldn't. When I had Poppy I had an emergency c-section, which meant I was unable to exercise for up to 6 weeks as I needed my body to heal. The frustration went to a new level as all I wanted to do was get out and move my body again. Eventually it got to the point where I began to feel quite down about it all and decided to just go for a small walk for the sake of my sanity and my partners ears (I complained ALOT). So off I went and I tell you what, I felt AMAZING. Even though it was only for about 20 minutes I just felt like my state of mind was completely refreshed, I had a chance to get out of the house and some time to just think and move. Since then I made a conscious effort to go for a walk every day and I honestly think for all the new mums out there, it is one of the best things you can do because you get yourself out of the house (which can appear to shrink around you everyday), get your body moving, which I believe has helped me recover after surgery and keep your mind positive which then helps you get through those 3am baby tantrums. So go get yourself some runners, download spotify and crank some tunes! You're good as gold!

Tom Hardy: Listen I'm just going to say it...Tom Hardy and I are in love and destined to be married. He doesn't know this yet but I'm sure my letters will arrive to him anyway now...If you don't know who he is, first of all - shame on you, secondly go hire "Legend", "Batman", "Inception", "Mad Max", look at IMDB for his other movies, grab them as well and lock yourself in a room with a TV, come back to me in a few hours and thank me for the best few hours of your life. Thats all I really have to say on this topic.

(You're welcome...)

OK so there are just a few of the things I am loving at the moment (except you Tom Hardy, our love if forever). I also love the following: chocolate, coffee, "Keeping up with the Kardashians" (I know I hate myself bit too), gourmet doughnuts, the number 6, warm fluffy socks, searching ASOS for my dream wardrobe, making lists, Online Supermarket shopping, saying I'm going to eat healthy, eating a block of chocolate, saying "life is all about balance" and looking at photos of cats stuck in weird places! If I wrote about all of them we would be both bored and stuck here for a long time. 

I am going to do a few other favourites post soon, a pregnancy favourites and then a current Mummy favourites one, so if any of them interest you make sure to keep an eye out on my blog. Also be sure to follow me on instagram as I am addicted and spend way to long posting photos of my cute little baby, my dog Norman and really random memes that crack me up. 

Like this one: 

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