Monday, 28 March 2016

I had a baby!!

What a crazy 3 weeks it has been what with it now being Autumn, the challenge of the annual Easter egg hunt... Oh yeah and I had a baby...

Little Poppy May was born on the 10th of March at 11:21am. It was quite a dramatic entrance to the world and I thought since I have shared my pregnancy journey on here, I might as well tell you my labour story to wrap up the first half of the adventure (the next half is the making them grow up and keeping them alive part).

So, leading up to arrival day I had a few midwife appointments and although they had informed me that 'Little Miss' was engaged, I hadn't really been getting any feelings of "this might be it". Braxton hicks pains would usually gather and have a party in the evening and I was getting a lot of pressure, but it would all fade away and I'd wake up the next morning with the baby still very much intact with my stomach. I was starting to become convinced that she was quite happy with her surroundings and had applied for permanent residency.

On Thursday the 10th however, I was woken up at 1:15am with some serious cramps, very different to any I had experienced before. I tried to sleep through it but they were so uncomfortable so I thought I'd get up and walk them off. Literally as soon as I stood up out of bed my waters broke, such a weird feeling, it brought back many memories of wetting my pants as a child (when I say MANY memories, it's not like it was a regular thing...seriously). I quickly woke Paddy up and we called the hospital who told us to hang tight and wait another half an hour to see what happened. We proceeded to pace excitedly back and forth for half an hour (my pacing was not as smooth as my water continued to break). We rang the hospital again and they said come on down and lets have a looksy. So off we went to the hospital and I was convinced we would be sent home as my contractions were about 20 minutes apart at this point. How wrong I was...

We got to the hospital and as I was being checked over everything went into full swing labour mode. My contractions jumped to 4 minutes apart and the pain was on a whole other level. Within 2 hours my contractions had jumped to every 2-3 minutes and I was 4cm dilated. It was around this point that the words "I want a f***ing epidural" may have crawled out of my mouth 3 or 45 times. Because my labour was moving so fast I didn't have time to really mentally adjust to the pain and it was stressing me out, so the anaesthetist, the amazing anaesthetist, came in and gave me the magical epidural. This guys name was Kurt and he is now my best friend. Once the epidural went in it was all sunshine and lollipops for a good two hours. Paddy and I sat in the labour room listening to music, chatting with the midwives (when I say chatting I mean Paddy was chatting and I was in a weird semi-soncious state muttering to myself) and everything was progressing nicely as I was about 8cm dilated at this point. It was around 9am when things went crazy. The midwives were busy taking a blood sample from my arm when they noticed that little bubbas heart rate had dropped dramatically and then shot right up way above normal. Within 4 seconds the room was filled with 10 people all running around, checking monitors, checking me, checking baby, all looking very serious and concerned. It's hard not to become worried when all this was going on around you, everyone talking amongst themselves and not to us, but Paddy was an absolute champion and kept me sane by talking about anything but what was going on in the room. The doctor finally said to us that things weren't great, the baby was distressed and things weren't progressing. Therefore an emergency c-section was recommended.

(The arrival of Poppy May)

Its the weirdest thing when you are put in a situation like that one. For 9 months you carry this little person around and you have this idea of how you will feel when you finally become a mother, but for me this was the moment that I actually became one. I didn't care about me, I didn't care about the risks of a caesarean and what I would have to go through in terms of the recovery process, all I cared about was that my baby was safe and if that meant putting myself through serious surgery then so be it. The baby comes first. It was such a primal instinct that immediately kicked in as soon as I heard that my child was in danger. So thats what happened, within 10 minutes we were in the theatre room and before we knew it we heard the first cry of our little daughter.

(Baby hugs are probably one of the best things in the world...then chocolate...)

I'm not going to lie, having a c-section is a real pain in the ass. You are sore, you can't move well (or at all for the first few hours), you feel restricted and it's just not the ideal situation I think anyone wants to be in once you have been pregnant for 9 months and then popped out a baby. But I'll tell you what, everytime I look at my little Poppy I couldn't care less how she got here, I am just so glad to finally have her. To me she is perfect and although I would appreciate little bit more sleep and maybe some help with the vacuuming around the house, I love my new life as a Mum.

(Poppy May, a little Princess and passionately against the colour Blue)

So that's my labour story. It was full on, painful but so rewarding and I totally get it when people say they would do it all over again in an instant. Especially now that I know we make ridiculously cute babies.

Stay tuned for more Mummy updates, as I now have a whole new world of nappies, wipes and Peppa pig opening up right before my eyes.

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