Friday, 12 February 2016

My pregnancy journey so far...

I have nearly hit the 36 week mark, which is crazy! I feel as though my second and third trimester have literally gone at road runner pace and I'm nearly at the finishing end. My blogging has been bit inconsistent as I have found myself swept up in the pregnancy whirl wind along with working, moving house, Christmas, getting a puppy and just being a scatter brain. I'm now on maternity leave and have a lot more time up my sleeve for important things like watching "Keeping up with the Kardashians" and cleaning my house like a nesting lunatic.

Let me get you up to speed with this Preggie ladies journey since we last met...

I grew a bump: It is now a much larger bump than it was here in this picture (I think this was at about 24/25 weeks). I have always found pregnant women's bellies to be absolutely adorable, so it was a crazy thing when I started to develop my own. I guess the first thing that comes along with have a protruding stomach is that you must grow some kind of weird magnet in which all hands (particularly strangers) find themselves drawn to cementing themselves on you. I know some people don't mind, and if I know you then go ahead, feel me up like a lucky Buddha. It's the random "I've never met you in my life or maybe just a few times but we aren't THAT close" people that give me the shits. I personally wouldn't go and touch a ladies stomach if I didn't know her and to my knowledge I'm pretty sure that although occupied but a new tenant, the belly still belongs to the Mum to be, so maybe asking for a touch wouldn't go astray...just saying... My favourite thing that comes along with ever expanding stomach is when you start to feel that little critter moving around. Such a surreal experience! I remember the first time I felt the flutters, I just felt this amazing connection with my little bub because in a way its almost like they are communicating with a weird Morse code, but still communication is key. Now at 35 weeks those cute little flutters have morphed into ninja kicks of doom and my appreciation levels aren't quite as high, although it is good to check in to make sure everything is bubbling along nicely for them in their current accommodation.

 (Seriously don't you want to eat him?)

Baby Boot Camp Training: If you are about to have a baby, or thinking of having one I can tell you the very best way to get some serious training for the new life that comes along with having a child. Get a puppy. Seriously this is probably the closest thing that will ever come to having a baby. Little Norman came into our lives right before Christmas. He is probably one of the most adorable things in the world and I have thought about eating him in my sandwich multiple times, but his cuteness comes with toilet training, multiple wake ups in the night because he is crying or needs to have a wee, teaching him manners and trying to figure out what the hell you need to do to keep him alive. Like I said, basically the same as a baby, although fluffier, more barky and it's morally and ethically acceptable to leave him in the backyard while you go out for the day.

(Captain Norman. He figured out he could jump on the couch and strike a sexy pose...)

My Baby Shower: Before I was even pregnant I was excited about having a baby shower. I have been to a few before and I find them absolutely adorable! Just the whole concept of a group of women getting together and cooing over the Mum to be and opening all the adorable presents of small person things, I just love it. So I was super excited to have my very own. I knew early on that I wanted to have a Woodland themed shower, to match my babies Woodland themed room (I'm all about themed things). So obviously Pinterest played an integral part in my life when it came to planning the big day. I was very lucky that my Stepmum and two of my closest friends planned the day for me. i say lucky, but as a self-confessed control freak I must admit I did struggle aliiiitttttttle bit. But they did an amazing job and the day was a complete success. We played some cute baby shower games and opened presents (our little girl was spoilt rotten and now has a wardrobe that Beyonce would envy). My auntie made the most amazing cake and my Stepmum made flower crowns for everyone so we all looked like little woodland pixies running around the yard. 

So now my life consists of getting little bubbas room together, which I gotta admit is pretty damn fun. Picking strollers, car seats, bassinets, cots, cleaning the house several million times, figuring out what formula is best, getting poked and prodded at ultrasounds, asking my midwives 34535 questions about every little bump and cramp I have and just generally waddling around like an obese penguin. Pregnancy is a beautiful thing, it is quite difficult at times as well but it has been one of the best adventures I have ever and will ever go on. I cannot wait to meet this little girl and see where this amazing journey will take us.

I'll be posting more about my favourite baby products I have found as well as updates on my journey as a mum, not to mention all the other beauty, lifestyle, food, random things that I fill my life with so stay posted. There is a lot more to come on this blog and I am so excited to be able to share it with you all.
Until next time
xox Amy

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