Thursday, 5 November 2015

21 Week Pregnancy Update

Eeeeeeeeek 21 weeks! Over half now! Time seems to have just disappeared into some crazy vortex and gone into hyper drive! It is pretty exciting though that we are now on the downward slope towards the finish line. I say that but I keep forgetting that the most painful part is getting know the pushing part...I'll be stay in happy ignorant bliss for little while longer...

I guess the biggest news so far would have to be...we found out the gender of our little bubba!! We are both super excited to announce we are having.....A GIRL!!!!!! As soon as the ultrasonographer told us we both burst into tears! I am just so thrilled and although I would be happy no matter who they are, I have always wanted a little girl first. So straight after our scan we went out and bought some pink clothes! I couldn't resist!!! I have also just placed an order for a bunch of little bows...I cannot wait to dress us her up!!

(Our announcement photo to the world!)

In terms of the horrible morning sickness, week 18 seems to be the magic week. It pretty much ceased from then, I have have the occasional com attack but that has been very much for related, I find anything oily really effects me. So I guess in a way it's been good because it has forced me to be as healthy as possible, although the latest craving in chocolate...I could literally eat block after block, although I could BEFORE I was pregnant sooooo.....

Another big update is I can feel her kicking around in my belly now. It is the most bizarre feeling. At first it can almost be mistaken for your stomach rumbling but as time goes on you can't miss those little kicks. Now she loves to beat me up, especially at night time. I don't mind I figure it must be bit boring in there so she is just keeping herself amused!

So here is Pregnancy Update questionnaire for you for week 21:
How far along: 21 weeks 6 days.
Total weight gain: I weighed myself a few days ago and I have only put on 4 kilos. 
Maternity clothes: I find maternity clothes very unappealing. I have a few pieces which are OK but in general I'm not a fan. So I have started to buy larger sizes of tops and dresses I like as it is creeping into Summer here. Cotton On has been great for baggy tee's and dresses which are super comfy. 
Stretch marks: None! I am keeping up my belly butter routine everyday so prevent these.
Sleep: Thankfully my nights of 3am wake up calls re over and I have been sleeping great throughout the night..
Best moment this week: Finding out we are having a little girl!!
Food cravings: Chocolate!!! I can't stop myself I'm like a crazed monster!
Miss anything?: I would really love a cider as it's getting warmer..I have found non alcoholic apple cider which is kind of easing this craving but it's not exactly there.
Anything make you queasy/sick?: Oily foods like pizza or chips. 
Gender:A little girl!!
Labour Signs: None at all, she is still happily cooking away.
Symptoms: I am starting to get very achy in the lower back and hips, so I might investigate a massage soon. 
Belly button in or out: In.
Wedding ring/s on or off: On.
Happy or Moody: Happy!
Looking forward to: Setting up the baby nursery, we are moving house in a month so I have been unable to set up anything and it's driving me crazy.

So there you go. My 21 week update! It was quite an eventful week and I am so happy to be feeling pretty much normal again. Look out for my blog updates now that I can function properly, both baby related as well as everything in-between....particularly now that Christmas is on the way!!

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