Monday, 22 June 2015

My Current Favourite Make-up

I never used to be the biggest fan of make-up. I was quite lazy and never really wanted to put in the effort. Over the last couple of years my love for makeup has grown and grown and now it's reached serious long-term relationship status.

I have been slowly picking, choosing and trying all different types of products to see what suits me. I definitely think make up is a very personal choice. Some make-up will look amazing on one person, and look less than great on another. Just like the millions of different personalities out there, our skin is just as varied. I have quite oily skin, which turns dry in Winter.
I have often found a lot of make-up and beauty products have really reacted badly with my skin, with resulting in a weird rash or break outs. So I am now quite picky when it comes to which products I want to use.
Recently I have found a few products which I have completely fallen in love with and wanted to share with you guys incase any of you were on the hunt for some new make-up.

So here we go:

Nars Sheer Glow Foundation: I have had a long battle trying to find a good foundation. I have tried so so many products, each with their own ways to cause me angst. Some make my skin super dry,  some make me look like a dalmatian, others make me super oily. But finally I found a foundation that is perfect for my sensitive, temperamental skin. I have heard a lot about Nars products from various bloggers and they always have something good to say, especially about their foundation. So I decided to go out on a whim and give it a go. It was instant love. I went into Mecca cosmetics and was matched to the correct colour for my skin, so it blends perfectly. (Side note the girls at Mecca are super helpful if you ever have any make-up questions). This foundation has great coverage, lasts a really long time and doesn't give you that cakey, "I'm wearing 2kgs of make-up on my face" look. It's also great for all skin types. It is alittle bit more pricey than any of the drug store foundations but to be honest I think if you are going to splurge on something, this should be it. 

Mac Lipstick:

  • Diva: I once had this really great dark, maroon lipstick that I loved and apparently it grew legs and ran away, as I have never seen it again. So I was having this conversation with my friend about how I missed it and was on the hunt for a replacement, when she magically pulled this lipstick out of her bag and I knew I had to buy one for myself. To me it's the perfect dark shade for your lips. It's super rich, lasts for ages and gives you this Gothic, but not really, but more sultry kinda of vibe. I love it. Mac never disappoint when it comes to lipsticks (hence why I have mentioned three of them).
  • Sweet & Sour: I am a big fan of coral and I think this shade is such a beautiful, subtle colour that can be worn all year round (but would look awesome with a tan). This lipstick is super creamy and keeps your lips nice and moisturised. It can bring any outfit to life and is going to be one of my faves for awhile I think.
  • Creme D'nude: Every girl needs a good nude lipstick and Mac have got an enormous amount to choose from. Seriously, I am quite an indecisive person so it was torture to pick one because they are amazing. But I chose this shade simply because it is a super natural nude, that doesn't make you look like you could be Casper the ghost. It looks great with darker eye make up, or if you want to go for that bright, simple beauty look as well.

Loreal le blush (120 -Sandlewood Pink): I'm not really into dark blushes, I like more of a sun kissed look. This blush fits that perfectly. It's a really soft shade, that makes your cheeks glow and look as though you have been hanging out at the beach all day. Sometimes I find blushes can be really dominating and when paired with lipstick and eye make-up can really be way to much. That's why I love this. It's simple, flattering and pretty. It looks great in summer with a tan, but can also give your face some colour during the winter time. 

So these products are currently on rotation for me. I haven't been paid to talk about any of them, I just simply wanted to share what I love because maybe you guys were thinking of trying them out and wanted to know what other people think.
If you have any products you love or you think I should try, be sure to let me know. 
I hope you are all having a great week!!!
Amy xox

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