Thursday, 11 June 2015

June BellaBox Review/Unboxing

Wow! It's already June...that's a little bit creepy hey?

This month I was fortunate enough to be sent a 'Bellabox' to test out and review for all of you lovely people out there. For those who have never heard of a 'Bellabox' before, they're a great company that put together a beauty box every month with a whole range of different products for you to try out. Basically, this is how it works - you subscribe and every month you are sent this cute little blue box, which is full of the newest and greatest products on the market that you get to test out at home. Think of it as a, "try before you buy" kind of scenario. It' a pretty cool concept, I know America has a huge range of beauty boxes that people are obsessed with, so it's about time Australia had some fun.

I'm actually a really big fan of these subscriptions boxes. I always hear about new products which have come out, whether they are beauty, skin care, hair care related etc. It can get little bit overwhelming and not to mention expensive, if you want to try them all out. Therefore, a beauty box is a great way to save money, test out new products and find which ones suit you and are worth purchasing.

So here is a little sneaky peak into the June 'Bellabox'...

Packaging: First of cute is the packaging? It's like getting a little blue Tiffany's box... only without the jewellery and instead, getting more yummy, smelling things... Also, I should mention that although the 'Bellabox' does usually come in this cute packaging, this month rather than getting a sample size for you to try, one of the products comes in a full size, (WOOP WOOP!) so you will be get a lovely brown box as well as the blue... You can never have enough boxes I say...You can make a house for a caterpillar... if you are 5 years old... maybe you are?... maybe you just like caterpillars... anyway...

Burts Bees Beesway Lip Balm (Vitamin E and Peppermint): Now, I am a MASSIVE Burts Bees fan! I think these products are always great, I haven't had a bad one yet and I particularly love their lip balms. So obviously, I was quite excited to see a Burt's Bees Lip Balm in this months 'Bellabox'. One of the reasons why I love these lip balms is because they are super moisturising. I get quite dry lips, especially in the winter time, so I really need a good lip balm to them avoid looking like they are peeling off my face. I have recently been using the Coconut and Pear Burt's Bees Lip Balm and I am obsessed, I use it all the time! I also love these balms because they are 100% Natural. I feel quite strongly about using skin care products that are as healthy and chemical free as possible, so these fit in that category pretty well. Plus, they don't test on animals! High 5's all round!

Original Source Moisturising Shower Gel (Blackcurrant and Moringa Oil): I'm really into my shower gels, I love jumping into a shower and using yummy products that fill the bathroom with a good fresh scent. I have used this brand before and they certainly make shower gels that smell like they are edible (they are not... do not try it!). This flavour shower gel - for those Aussies reading, smells like Ribena! It literally transported me back to my childhood, sitting at the table after school drinking glasses of Ribena! So nice! Plus they use natural oils and fragrance's to make their gels, so again, it's high in my books for a healthy shower gel!

Universal Beauty Cosmetics Tint Stick (Siren): For those make up lovers out there, 'Bellabox' has included a lip tint. I really like using lip tints because they stick for long periods of time, plus, I find they don't smudge as much as a lipstick might. I'll be honest, this was the first product I grabbed out of the box due to my current obsession with lip products - I couldn't help myself! I received the colour "Siren", which is a rich red colour - I really like it. It sticks to your lips and lasts ages. It gives you this really nice sultry look, like you are snow white, with your naturally amazing red lips (I'm watching "Once Upon A Time" at the moment so I am relating everything to a fairytale, it's becoming an issue...). I looked at the 'Universal Beauty' website to see what other products they have available and it is well worth a look! There are definitely some I want to check out, so I'll keep you posted on what other treasures I find!

Aveda Damage Remedy (Hair treatment): I have heard a lot of people rave about 'Aveda' and to my knowledge, I don't think I have tried any of their products before so I am excited to give this one a go. I received a 'intensive restructuring treatment', which aims to restore health, silkiness and shine to the most damaged hair. I colour my hair and it can get very dry from the all the colouring, straightening and blow drying, so I am always on a lookout for a great hair treatment! I like this product because, again, it has natural ingredients such as Quinoa protein and a bunch of natural oils. Hopefully now my hair will feel abit of love after a treatment!

Jean Patou (Joy Forever): I just want to start off by saying, if you could eat perfume, I would eat this one. I smelt it before I even opened the box and already I knew it was love. This perfume is freakin' YUMMY! It's been created with a mixture of scents such as Jasmine, Rose, Orris and Orange Flower and it smells like Spring exploded with happiness and hugged everyone! It is so nice and fresh, definitely one for those who love their sweet scents! I am actually probably going to have to buy a large version of this because I can defiantly see me dowsing myself in this, once Spring and Summer return back to our shores!

So there you go - the June 'Bellabox'! I was actually really impressed with the choice of products I was sent and how many were cruelty free with natural ingredients. That made me really happy (and all our furry friends!)

Well Done Bellabox, you have made a fan out of me!

For those beauty and skincare lovers it is defiantly worth checking out. You get a great range of products and it's only $17.95 a month (BARGAIN!). Be sure to sign up soon because the June box is only available for a short time!

If you are interested in subscribing to receive your very own Bellabox make sure you jump on over to there site here: Bella Box

Thanks so much for reading and I shall speak to you all soon... I'm going to go eat that perfume now...

Amy xox

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