Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Why I Quit Coffee...

I used to be an addict. It was pretty bad for awhile. I couldn't wake up without wanting a fix. By 10am I'd be wanting another one, then again at lunch...It was quite time consuming...pouring, plunging, pouring milk, grabbing a mug...Oh I'm talking about coffee by the way.

I was a serious Coffee addict. Now? I don't touch it...we had a big falling out and we decided it was best not to stay in touch...

I'm not going to lie, Coffee is great. It tastes beautiful, it's a very social drink so it gets you out and about, plus you can join in with all the other coffee snobs who love a good chat about the good and bad places to get a good cuppa! Being in Melbourne as well, if there is one thing we are good at...it's coffee...no offence Sydney but you are average compared to us...(For those non-Australians there is a big Melbourne vs Sydney rivalry...it's complicated...)

As I got older and this delicious caffeinated beverage started to turn on me. We had been so close, always getting each other through the day, but now one cup of coffee causes my brain to spiral out of control and I become an emotional mess. Basically coffee gives me serious anxiety...

I had this realisation when I was in America a few years ago. I had given up coffee a few months previous to give my body a break and once I hit American soil the combination of jet-lag and Starbucks lured me into my old coffee ways. Before I knew it, I was drinking the usual 3-5 cups a day. Now sometimes when I travel it takes me awhile to adjust to my new location, usually a few days just to get my head around where exactly I am ( or I have a meltdown e.g in the middle of Bangkok surrounded by 1000 people all staring at me like I'd lost my mind...). So I was still in the transition phase of Goodbye Australia, Hello America. I had literally felt anxious every single day we had been there, cut to myself and Paddy driving through the middle of Venice Beach and I decide to have a complete breakdown and cry over absolutely nothing. Yep, I don't why I cried, but boy was it a whopper. After much interrogation from Paddy as to why I had suddenly become a real life soap opera character, we realised that my increased caffeine intake and sudden onset of anxiety weren't just a coincidence. In mathematical terms: coffee + Amy = Cray-Zay.

So I stopped. Funnily enough, so did my crazy out of no where anxiety. Weird huh? Now it might sound obvious to most people that anxiety and caffeine will never be besties, but it is actually quite a big deal to give up coffee. A lot of people I have talked to have always said "Oh I wish I could give it up but I just can't", "yeah I always thought about giving up but it's too hard". Coffee is seriously an addiction. You can even look at the withdrawals you suffer on a coffee detox. When I stopped I got the WORST headache, I honestly think a sledge hammer to the brain would have been more peaceful,  I got a fever, I felt nauseous, I was a seriously grumpy individual and it just shows you that if something that small can turn your body into a painful, puking, anxiety ridden mess...well maybe we shouldn't be drinking it.

I am now 3 years clean of coffee and I feel really good. I have found a new love in Chai. Chai has been there for me through all the hard times and I now wake up peacefully because of that magical cup of wonders. I have also embraced the herbal tea life, Peppermint tea and Nettle currently being my favourites. I have noticed many benefits of a no coffee life as well such as: whiter teeth, no coffee breath, a general lighter feeling (as I found coffee can make you feel little bit "gluggy" in the stomach) and my anxiety, although unfortunately can't be cured simply by giving up coffee, has definitely improved as my days aren't filled with caffeine induced meltdowns.

I thought I would write this post for those who are considering the coffee free lifestyle. It is scary, it can be painful (I suggest some pandol on hand and ALOT of water) but you won't regret it. You only have one body and one mind, it's better that you look after them. Let me know if you have a Goodbye Coffee story of your own, or even if you are thinking about taking the plunge (or no plunge I guess that would be).

Until next time...
Amy xoxo

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