Sunday, 5 April 2015

Soul Sunday: Going on an adventure...

Sometimes the craziness of everyday life can become little bit overwhelming. Particularly if you are like me and suffer from anxiety. Lately I have just been feeling super stressed out and in need of some time away. In order to find some calm, my lovely partner Paddy and I decided to book a flight to Tasmania and go on an little adventure for a couple of days. I'd never been there before but have always heard that it is absolutely beautiful, so I was really eager to get down there.
(The view from our room, pretty horrible hey?)

I think it is really important to book yourself some time away. Even if it is just a hotel in the same city for a night or two. Stepping out of your normal routine helps to shake up your life alittle bit and opens your eyes to new experiences. We love little trips away and finding new places to explore. I am definitely a big lover of nature so anywhere that has amazing beaches, forests, lakes etc is perfect for me. Nothing revitalises you more than nature. It's like plugging yourself into a power point and recharging for awhile. You come away from it feeling better than ever.

(There are so many cute Irish pubs and being with an Irishman means we need to visit them all)

Tasmania is the perfect place for that. The first thing I noticed is out green everything is. Summer has just finished yet everything is bursting with colour. The air seems so much fresher the water that much clearer. Another thing I noticed is how well preserved the towns are. All the houses look like they have stepped right out of ye olde England. There are so many cute cottages even the city has gorgeous little pubs and hotels. We found ourselves constantly comparing it to other towns we have been to around the world. So to summarise Tasmania is a lot like New Zealand/Washington/New England/Ireland/England/Sydney and Hobbiton...all mushed make one awesome place...

(I love the houses here...they are all so beautiful and cosy).

(One of the little streets in Salamanca and that is Mount Wellington in the background).

(The view from the revolving restaurant we went to).

(Cocktail hour with this lovely man)

We had great intentions of getting a car and exploring as much as we could, but we are renowned over-doers. We jam pack our holidays so that when it comes time to come home we are exhausted so we promised ourselves we would just slow down. So we decided to wander about Hobart and see what we found along the way.

(We went to visit Museum of Old and New Art, apparently God works there...)

(Our cheese adventure in the revolving restaurant).

The trip turned into a real foodie adventure. We had some amazing meals, yummy treats and endless cheeses (we are big cheese lovers). The most important thing about a holiday like this is to not feel guilty for indulging. That's what holidays are for. The gym will be waiting for you when you return.

(I am a massive tea nerd, so this chai set up made me little giddy...)

So my recommendation to you for this Soul Sunday is this...find yourself an adventure and go. You will never regret it.

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