Sunday, 15 March 2015

Soul Sunday: Pamper Routine

I think one of the most important things you can ever do is look after yourself. This comes in many forms such as eating healthy but letting yourself have a treat, working hard but finding time to playing always finding a moment to stop and let go.
Life can be so busy, constantly running around, always on a schedule, daily demands and the stresses of work. It's almost like individual weights that get heavier as the week goes on.

Now I am all for everyone working hard for their goals, do what you gotta do, girl power, eye of the tiger...all that stuff. But sometimes I think people forget that it's ok to have a night off and just look after yourself. Everybody has a different way to do this such as go for a walk, watch a movie, make a yummy meal. My favourite way to wind down is to pamper myself. Because not only are you using some amazing products to make you feel refreshed and beautiful but you get to soak in a bath and just be...Nothing beats it...

So I thought I would share my pamper routine for you incase to needed some inspiration if you;re feeling bit blue or tired and need to quickly go run the bath and i'll let you know some of my favourite pamper products:

Sukin Revitalising Facial Scrub: This Australian brand would have to be one of my favourites because they make such a huge range of products that are natural and do wonders for your skin. I vera and chamomile which really soothes your skin leaving it feeling brand new. If you haven't tried Skin before it's definitely worth a shot! I have quite sensitive skin and when I have used a lot of bigger skin care brands they did nothing but make my skin break out and look lifeless. The reason why I love this product is because it gently exfoliates your skin using ground walnuts and it's not to harsh that it makes your face feel red raw once you're done. It also have aloe

Blackout Mask: I loooooooove this face mask. I recently found it floating around on Instagram and was really intrigued to try it out. It is a mixture of charcoal and coconut oil. The charcoal is great for drawing out all the dirt and general yuck that hides in your skin and the coconut oil hydrates and moisturises your skin. Not only that it comes with a little brush so you get to paint your face completely's fun...don't tell me you don't want to paint your face...After I used it I felt like a million bucks and my face was glowing...therefore I love this product...

Epsom Salt: Now for the bath...Once I have run my nice warm bath I pop in a load of Epsom salt. I have done a blog post of Epsom Salts recently if you wanted to know more information, but basically they are made up on magnesium and sulphate. These two bad boys are great for detoxing your body, relaxing your body and relieving any muscle pain. I get a sore back, particularly if i'm stressed I tend to hold it all in my back and shoulders so I find adding Epsom salts to a bath a really great way to give your body some chill out time.

Lush Bath Bombs: If you are a long time reader of my blog you will know I go on and on about my love affair with Lush products. If you are new to the blog let me get you up to speed...I love Lush...big time...My favourite Lush product would without a doubt be there bath bombs. There are so many different flavours out there for all different noses. If you love floral, vanilla, musk, fresh they will cover your smelling needs. I also love that when you throw the bomb in the bath it literally explodes in a burst of colour and makes your ordinarily non bright bath into a pool on wonder. Basically if you a giant child like myself you will appreciate the pretty colours!

Candles: For me there is no better way to experience a nice, relaxing bath than by the beautiful rays of candlelight. I love a room that's nice filled with sparkling candles, it feels as though you are in a fairy cave. So that is how I love to have my bath. In a bathroom/fairy cave of candlelight wander. If you have any scented candles be sure to pop them in there to make the room smell even more delicious.

Music: I have always been a major music lover. I have endless Cd's and playlists of music to fit whatever mood or occasion I am experiencing. For bath time, I naturally have appropriate music. I don't really want super poppy or "loud" music when I'm have some chill out time. I tend to gravitate towards the slower more soothing sounds. For those with Spotify I definitely recommend the playlists: "Indie Folk for Focus", "Lost in the Woods" and "Bathtime" (original name I know...). They are all really chilled out songs which transport you into another world.

So that is my pamper routine! Be sure to let me know if you have one of your own and share your favourite products. All of my favourites that I mentioned above are linked if you want to check them out (just click the title).

Also be sure to check out my youtube channel for my full pamper routine and lots of other random goodness...

I hope you all have a relaxing Sunday!!
Amy x

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