Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Wedding Wednesday: Planning a Hawaiian Engagement Party!

My first Wedding Wednesday post!! Just in time for my engagement party which is this Saturday! It seriously feels like yesterday that my lovely Husband-to-be proposed to me, time flies faster and faster every year!

Before we go into full Wedding mode, our first goal has been the engagement party. I find these parties are becoming a bit of a dying breed, a lot of people don't bother with them anymore, but there was no way I was missing out on an excuse to throw a bash. Naturally, as with all my parties, I really wanted a themed Engagement party and one that had been floating around my brain for a while was Hawaiian. I find Hawaii and the Hawaiian culture to be calming, beautiful and extremely romantic, therefore a perfect way to celebrate an upcoming wedding!

I see Engagement parties as sort of a practise run for the big day. Planning, inviting, organising, outfits, food, music...all the same things you will be stressing about for a wedding but at a smaller scale. So far all the planning has gone extremely well and I think, considering we are 3 days out from the party, we are pretty damn organised.

For those who are in a similar situation, planning an upcoming event, or just like having a sneaky peak into someones life, I thought I would share some of what we have planned for our upcoming Hawaiian engagement party.


(This is our Engagement invitation, although the people and party details are not ours...sorry...)

I'm going to admit it, I'm one of those people who if you invite me to something on Facebook, I'll never respond and I'll never remember! I also think Facebook invitations, as cash-saving and simple as they are, are very impersonal, particularly if its for a big event. Therefore I had my heart set on a physical invitation that we could send out to people. The only down side to an actual invitation is they can be bit pricey, especially if you are sending it to 130 people like we were. So I had a little search around online and found my way on to Etsy. Etsy is a great online store where people from all around the world sell handmade items, which are all totally unique and beautifully made. I stumbled across a store called Kitty loves Lou and it was there I found the perfect invitation. Now these designs are mostly Hawaiian based, so if you are having a similar themed party definitely have a looksy. The lady who runs the store is super lovely, really efficient and had these invitations, with all the correct details, sent to my email within 3 days. It was awesome, all I had to do was print them out which cost around $20, with the invitation design costing $25.


Whenever it comes time to buying decorations for a party, I start to get little bit giddy...and by little I mean a lot...I love it. I could buy decorations all day. It's quite strange because it's almost as though the party shop universe has come into sync with our party, because everywhere we go party stores have windows with Hawaiian displays, as though they knew we would be out there searching...So it's been quite an easy task buying inflatable flamingos, palm tree bunting, pineapples that can hang from the roof, tiki statues that blow bubbles...we got it all...

The obvious choice for a Hawaiian outfit would be grass skirts and coconuts, but I figured it's my engagement party, I gotta look pretty! So I wanted to go for more of a stylish outfit. I can't tell you how many shops and online stores I searched, looking for a dress that would match the theme, but none were right...I gotta tell you it was becoming a pain in the a**! One day I came across this website called Peppermayo and it was as though the Hawaiian skies opened up before me and there it perfect dress. Although it wasn't, Hawaiian print, the different blues of the outfit reminded me of the ocean...Hawaii has an ocean...made sense to me. My partner and I searched for the perfect shirt for him and coincidentally found a Hawaiian shirt in a small shop in St Kilda which had the exact same colours as my was Hawaiian outfit fate! We then found some bright coral leis which look awesome against the blue of our outfits and boom! Done!
 (My dress, although I'll be pairing it with black heels.)

When you think Hawaii you think of the beach right? So naturally the engagement party had to take place near some kind of sandy, watery environment. We searched many beach bar, yacht club and life saving club all with their own perks but also hurdles. Luckily my partner has some amazing friends and one came to our rescue who helped us secure a life saving club, which has a huuuuge balcony that opens right up over the ocean...perfect? Perfect!

While we had tried to find a hula dancer or at least a Hawaiian proved quite difficult to find here in Melbourne, Australia...apparently Melbourne, Florida has plenty of options for us but alas the gigantic ocean between us proves to be a problem. So Spotify has saved the day. It's amazing the variety of music you can find on there! We have traditional Hawaiian music, the soothing sounds of Jack Johnson and then the ridiculously addictive beat of Uptown have my heart!

So there is a sneak peak into our engagement party! I'm super excited for it! I can't even begin to tell you and the best part is, all those we love the most will be there to help us celebrate! That makes my heart smile!

Stay tuned for the post-engagement party run down and I'll hopefully have some photos for you so you can see how all that planning played out!

Until then... A hui you kakou...

(That's Hawaiian for until we meet learn something new everyday don't you...)

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