Friday, 27 February 2015

Good for you Friday: Epsom Salt Baths

I love a good bath. I actually never used to really be a bath person, I found them boring, hot and claustrophobic. As time rolled on I have turned into a insane bath lover. My bath time has progressed into a full blown army operation with bath bombs, candles, incense and my own bath time playlist of music I have gathered specifically for my time in the tub.

A recent addition to my bath regime has been Epsom salts. I have a very physical job and I found myself getting really horrible back pain. I tried stretching my back out, getting my partner to crack my back, all sorts of exercises but it was this really frustrating, dull pain that wouldn't go away. If you have experienced back pain before, you know that it completely consumes you and your functionality becomes quite minimal.

I had heard bit about Epsom salts before and I knew that sometimes people put them in the bath but I honestly had no idea what they were and what their purpose was. I actually stumbled across an article in a magazine where someone had mentioned using Epsom salts in the bath to help with their back pain which got me intrigued, so I decided to jump of Dr Google and see what I could find.

Basically to summarise what I found in my research, was that Epsom salts are AMAZING!! Everyone raved about how they had cured their sore muscles and body aches, so I set out to the supermarket and grabbed a box.

Now incase you aren't aware, Epsom Salts are a natural mineral compound comprising of Magnesium and Sulphate. Together these minerals are absorbed through your skin when added to water and work their magic on your body. This amazing duo have the following benefits:

- Detox Your Body: You can thank the Sulphate for this part. Sulphate helps to flush all the toxins and heavy metals from your body. It's like a miniature mop, cleaning out your cells!

- Easy muscle pain: Now for the Magnesium! This mineral is great for reducing inflammation in your muscle, as well as helping nerve and muscle function. Therefor it makes an Epsom salt bath the perfect cure for a migraine or muscle pain. 

- Helps you to relaaaaxxxx: Once again Magnesium superpowers come to play. This mineral helps to relax your body and provide a sense of calm. It also helps to replenish your energy levels and diminish irritability. Therefore your bath is going to be one amazing place to go and chill out (but in a warm bath...)

So I had my Epsom salt bath and I gotta tell was amazing! My body felt so relaxed and ache free, not to mention I was as cool as a cucumber...(why are they cool? I have never understood this?!) The only real negative I had about the salts is I did feel little nauseous afterwards, but that may be connected to the detoxifying effect of the sulphate, but it didn't last long. Other than that my back felt so much better! I now can't have a bath without the salts in there!

So that is my first Good for you Friday! Now go out, run a bath and sprinkle those salts...


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