Thursday, 15 January 2015

Happy 2015!!!

Happy 2015 Everyone!!!! 

Was it just me or did last year zoom by?? Even this year seems to be going full steam ahead!
I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and New year and now you are all motivated and ready to take this year and kick its butt!!!

I have been thinking recently about the layout of my blog and I wanted to put abit more structure into it. I am one of those people that love routine, to do lists and basically just staying as organised as I can. Therefore I found my brain sort of scattering whenever I came down to writing a new blog post because for some reason I couldn't think of a single thing to write. Same goes with filming for my Youtube channel, I am definitely a girl of routine and therefore I am going to put on in place for my online life as well and real life.

Therefore I have come up with the following schedule for the week:

Monday: This day is still open for discussion...
not quite sure what to place here so any ideas 
please throw them around...

Wednesday: Wedding Wednesdays- I have a wedding is just over a year which means this year is going to be full of exciting events such as an engagement party, finding a wedding dress, booking a honeymoon, ride maids dress, grooms outfits, hens night and on and on and on...So I'm guess Wedding Wednesdays will be a constant on this blog!

Friday: Good For you Fridays!- I am always looking for the latest healthy recipe, Eco-friendly products for the house, healthy make up and skin products so I thought having a day dedicated to sharing these finds with you would fit perfectly! 

Sunday: Soul Sunday- I am a firm believer that everyone is broken up into 4 categories: mind, body, heart and soul. You need to constantly feed each one of these parts or you will find yourself off balance which will ultimately throw everything off. Therefore I wanted to dedicate Sunday's to your Soul. This is often the part of you with is most neglected but I feel is SO important to look after. So Sunday's will be full of Soul Food!

So this is a work in progress...Poor Monday will need some love but I think it's a good starting point of where I want my blog to go! I'm really excited to jump back in and get the ball rolling and it's so nice to see more and more people starting to read and get invalided in The Whimsical Unicorn world!

So stay tuned for an exciting 2015!! I can't wait to share it all with you!!!

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