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Halloween Games!!

Halloween is here!!! FINALLY!!! I thought I'd help celebrate the amazingness that is Halloween but sharing an article the amazing Alex Pejak sent through to me. This will interest all those who are hosting a Halloween party this year as it is all about awesome Halloween games you can I'm sure this is mainly aimed at Children...but Adults you can play too...go on get involved!!!
Have an amazingly spooky Halloween guys and enjoy!!!

13 Halloween Party Games
By Alex Pejak

Party games are a great way to make sure your guests talk about your party for years to come. Here are some ideas that use items already laying around your house, that way you won't have to spend much extra money setting them up. Most of them are just for adults, though you can adapt a few of them for the younger crowd. 

Murder Mystery 
The Internet is full of free murder mystery party games which you can print out and use without needing to buy a party kit. They fit groups from 6-28 people and include everything you need for throwing a murder mystery party -- character scripts and descriptions, as well as (with a few of them) name tags, invitations, and more. Some are quite elaborate, with maps and secret clues, whereas others are simple and straightforward. 

Halloween TV and Movie Trivia 
How hardcore are the Halloween movie buffs at your party? Movie and TV trivia games are short but loads of fun. You can opt for horror movie trivia or go with more general themed Halloween movie and TV questions.
Or you can turn things on their head by asking your guests whether they've learnt anything from watching horror movies. After all we can all tell when characters in horror movies exercise bad judgement... so give your guests standard horror movie situations and see if they can figure out what it takes to survive.

Pumpkin Bocce 
Perfect for warm Halloweens, pumpkin Bocce is a great outdoor party game. Start by setting a large pumpkin a few meters or so from the starting line. Each player gets a small pumpkin, and has a chance to roll their pumpkin towards the big one. Whoever gets closest to the big pumpkin, but without going past it, wins. 

The Mind Reader 
Why not see who's the best mind reader amongst your guests? In this game people compete to read the mind of one guest, the "test subject," in order to match his answers. To play, each person gets a game sheet with questions. The "test subject" fills his or hers out some distance away from everyone else, so nobody can see what he wrote. Then, everyone else fills in answers to the pre-printed phrases, trying to match what they think the "test subject" wrote.
Finally the "test subject" reads off his answers. Anyone who matches the answer exactly gets a point... and you can also have other players list off their wrong answers for laughs.

ESP Test 
This one is similar to the Mind Reader game but you don't need the whole group participating at once. Instead you can leave a deck of "ESP testing" cards in the corner so guests can see just how well they connect with each other.
The game is very simple: you need a deck of 25 cards, called a Zener deck. There are five different symbols: circle, wavy lines, cross, square, and star. You can make them yourself or print them out. To play, one person shuffles the deck and draws a card, projecting the card with all their "psychic energy" into the mind of the "receiver." The "receiver" writes down what they sense and, after 25 cards, sender and receiver check their answers.

Shot in the Dark 
A classic party drinking game for adults. Put a horror flick on in the background, and make some rules -- like whenever someone in the film gets shot, everyone at the party does a shot. Or everyone drinks when someone screams, says a certain word, or etc. As a rule you should watch the film beforehand so you know how often people will be drinking!

Mummy Wrap 
It's a classic kids game but -- especially after people have been drinking -- it can be quite entertaining for adults. Each team gets a roll of toilet paper. One person spins around, wrapping the toilet paper around them as fast as possible. Whichever team finishes first wins. 

Also a classic Halloween party drinking game... set up unique, Halloween-themed drinks being given out in each room. Guests go from room to room, "trick or treating" the different libations. 

Deadly Wink 
This is an excellent game to add tension to your party. One player is secretly designated as the murderer, then they all sit in a circle. The murderer discreetly winks at another player, who has now been murdered and must act as though they had just been killed.
Anyone who believes they saw the crime shouts "witness" and names the murderer. If they were right, the witness wins. if they were wrong, the witness now "acts dead" too. The game continues until someone names the murderer or the murderer kills everyone.

Grave Keeper 
In this game, the Grave Keeper's job is to watch the graves on Halloween, since zombies are often active. The game starts off with one person designated the Grave Keeper and everyone else falls to the ground as if dead. The Grave Keeper watches to see if anyone moves. If he or she spots anyone moving, they're out of the game. On the other hand, the dead wait until the Grave Keeper isn't looking and try to stand up completely before they're caught. 

Chalk Outlines 
Lastly, here's a simple but very creepy Halloween party game. Do police-scene style chalk outlines of a handful of guests who volunteered, and have everyone else guess which outline belongs to which guest. For added "realism," splatter some red paint or fake blood onto the outlines (drawn on butcher's paper).

Halloween Quiz
If you have an educated group then try a Halloween trivia game. The quiz questions should cover fun Halloween facts, and make sure to toss in a few that everyone thinks they know the answer to but doesn't actually. For example, the tradition of apple bobbing dates back to the Roman festival Pomona, celebrating the goddess of fruits and trees. Or, did you know that the tradition of costumes was originally a way for Celts to blend in with the dead as they walked the earth during Samhain?

Halloween Scavenger Hunt
This game is a quite sophisticated scavenger hunt that includes clues, spells, and curses. Arriving guests get a rule sheet and the first clue, which explains the overall storyline. From there they fall victim to funny "curses" and search for spells and ingredients to break them. 

Happy Halloween Everyone!!

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