Friday, 18 July 2014

Mexican Fiesta

Helllooooo Everyone!
So we have nearly entered birthday week! I'm kinnnnnnda excited!! As you may have read in my previous post my enthusiasm levels for birthday time is extremely high, so the fact that tomorrow the birthday countdown will hit 7 days is abit overwhelming...

This year I have decided to have a Mexican themed birthday, mainly because I love Mexican food...I'm borderline obsessed...I could literally eat nachos for the rest of my life! So I have started searching for ideas for Mexican food, decorations and amazing music for my party! Whilst I'm on my hunt, I thought I'd post a few of the pics I have found that have inspired me and may inspire any of you who are thinking of doing a similar themed party...

 I will also be doing a few Birthday themed videos this week as it is also my boyfriends 30th birthday, so my house is buzzing with Birthday fever! So be sure to keep an eye on my Youtube page, Facebook page and my blog for all the exciting birthday updates!!! In the meantime, enjoy some Mexican party inspiration amigos...

(Fairy lights make anything amazing...)

(I love the idea of making a Mexican inspired centrepiece for the table!)

(I have a serious obsession with Day of the Dead skulls...Therefore I love this mason jar lantern idea!)

(I CANNOT deal with tequila, but these cute jelly shot limes are such an awesome idea!!)

(Again with the Day of the it!)

(Just a few cute Mexican ideas...)

(You have to have moustaches!!)

(My nachos obsession would fit nicely in a sombrero!!)

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