Thursday, 24 October 2013

Sneeze Sneeze Cough Cough

Hi Everyone,
Sorry I haven't blogged in awhile, I have been sick with a cold and all this wallowing in my own sickness really takes up an lot of my time! I thought that since it's the colder months for half the world and we are going from cold to hot in the other half of the world, now is a popular time that "the cold" will be floating around. So I have decided for this post I will share some of my "I feel sick and may die therefore I need things to make me feel better" tips. Also as a side note...I know that Man Flu is also out there and there is NO cure for this so unfortunately Guys there's nothing we can do for're cold is just THAT much more horrible...


I swear that pyjama pants, particularly the fluffier, comfier pyjamas pants that have cute animals, clouds, hearts, cupcakes (basically anything adorable) on it have magical curing powers. I reckon that one day scientists will announce in their special "Scientific Announcement Book" that Pyjamas Pants have been proven to remove all traces of the cold and replace it with feelings of comfy amazingness! Therefore if you're feeling just yuck and sad, go get you comfy pyjamas with the cute puppy dog face and pop them on...instant mind and body transformation.

Lemon, Ginger and Honey Tea

I am a massive tea person! I love my tea and I have it every night before bed! Now when I am sick I love to cut up fresh lemon, grate some ginger, pop in loads of honey and mix it all with hot water. Not only are lemons jam packed full of nutrients, particularly Vitamin C which will help lift your immune system, but mixed with ginger (also great for colds and sore throats) and honey tastes AMAZING!! So get chopping...

A big blanket with lots of pillows

You are sick so you need to rest. If you spend just one day lying on the couch doing nothing your body will love you for it. So I suggest getting heap of pillows and a big blanket and creating a big comfy cocoon for yourself. Snuggling up under a blanket will make you feel like you're in bed and you will without a doubt find yourself getting sleepier and just go with it and have some serious nana naps throughout the day!

Daytime TV I know there may be some of you that prefer serious, intellectual, deep and meaningful shows which is great...but not when you're sick. Give you brain a rest and change the channel. I'm talking shows like Dr Phil,  Oprah, The View, anything where people yell at each other because they should have paid child support last week but they didn't...but it's because he's not my baby he is you're brothers best friends know what shows I'm talking about! Seriously you will get sucked in and it's great to let your brain be numb for a few hours.

Have a whinge...

Go on! I'll let you have maybe...2 hours where you can just complain. Ready? Go! "I feel soooooo sicckkkkkkkkkkk", "I'm dyyyyyyyyinnnggg", "No seriously I am going to diiiieeeeeee", "My head is going to explodddeeeee", "I can't reach the remmmoootttteeeeee". Just let it out, no one is judging you. Ok two hours is up. You will be fine, the world isn't ending, you aren't going to turn into a disgusting zombie who is infested with a horrible disease that will spread around the world and we will all turn and it'll be you're fault and then everyone will be angry at you! I bet you anything when you wake up tommorow you'll be fine...

So there you go. I have had my moments of acting like a child and thinking I have only a few hours left on this planet, I have had my pyjamas pants firmly placed on me, a tea has been a contact fixture on my hand and I have about 1000 pillows stacked up like a throne. I feel better now, I actually do. I think I may just live another day! So for those snifflers and coughers out there I hope you feel better! Let me know if you have any "get better soon" tips of your own and be sure to check out my facebook page, Halloween is only 1 week away and there is daily Spooky goodness going on over there!!

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