Friday, 4 October 2013

My Favourite Halloween Music!

Hi Everyone!
So I am one of those people who at Christmas time will play Christmas carols to death!! I literally put all my Christmas music on repeat until I can feel all the people around me going insane whilst I'm merrily bobbing away! Music is a great way to get into that festive mood by dancing around the house, having a jam sesh on the way to work or even being the that person who is out for a run and singing all around the park... Now that we are getting to the end of the year, the temptation to put my Christmas carols on is getting stronger, so I thought why not gather some Halloween songs together and celebrate this spooky holiday before I move on to the next! So here is a list of some of my favourite Halloween songs that I'll be playing over and over and over and over and over and over...

Halloween Playlist of Amazingness

1. The Time Warp
This brings back some serious memories of being at Halloween parties when I was little and we all thought we were so cool because we knew the dance...totes hardcore...

2. Monster Mash
Such a old school Halloween song but it brings out the fun spirit of this holiday! I love it!

3. Ghostbusters
No Halloween playlist is complete without the Ghostbusters theme song! It's so much fun and I love dancing around to it! You know you do too!

4. This is Halloween (Panic at the Disco)
This particular version is from "Nightmare before Christmas" but you can get a whole bunch of different ones. This one is awesome! It's so catchy and a really cool Halloween song to add to your playlist.

5. Thriller (MJ)
Oh MJ! We had to add Thriller in! It's got everything a Halloween song needs including an amazing music video! 

6. I put a Spell on You (Screaming Jay Hawkins)
We all know this is in 'Hocus Pocus" but this version of the song is AH-MAZING! This guys voice is out of control! So much power in it! 

7. Little Red Riding Hood (Sam and the Sham)
I love this song, it's another one that's really fun and kind of creepy as well...which fits perfectly into the playlist!

8. Little drop of Poison (Tom Waits)
Another guy with an amazing voice! No one quite sounds the way Tom Waits does! I think this song was actually in one of the Shrek movies but it was in a spooky scene so...that counts as a scary song!

9. Double Trouble (Harry Potter)
As if I couldn't find a way of putting Harry Potter in this blog post. It's the Hogwarts school choir singing but they are holding frogs, and it's stormy and rainy and it could be's staying...

Well there you go guys! I hope you enjoyed  my Halloween playlist! If you are looking for move Halloween goodies make sure you check out my Facebook page for daily spookiness!

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