Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Happy October 1st!!I

Hi Everyone!
We are officially in October now which means the count down to Halloween has begun!!
Halloween has got to be one of my favourite times of the year, I love the spooky decorations that pop up in the shopping centres, the supermarkets and basically every square inch of my house...I love the different Halloween cookies, candy and other ghoulish treats and I love the hunt for the perfect costume, but most of all...I love the scary movies. I love them and I hate them at the same time. It's a complicated relationship but it's works...So I thought the best way to welcome in the Halloween month is to share my Top 10 Halloween Movies!!!

10. Halloween
You can't have a Halloween movie list without "Halloween". This is the one with Michael Myers, the guy with the weird mask on his face. Basically he becomes obsessed with Jamie Lee Curtis, but wants to kill her ...you know typical love story... It's an oldie but a goodie, definitly worth a watch this Halloween!

9. The Exorcism of Emily Rose
Based on the story of a lawyer who takes on a case about a Priest who tried to perform an exorcism on a girl, Emily Rose (yep 10 points for guessing that one) and it went really badly...I don't want to ruin it but basically this it a really spooky film. If you are into demon possessions, exorcisms and devils going cray cray kind of movies then this is definitely for you!

8.The Blair Witch Project
I watched this movie when I was about 12 or 13 and it scared the bahjonkers (I made that word up) out of me. It still scares me...I honestly believed it was real and I'll give them 10/10 for a convincing "I'm lost in the woods and there's a spooky witch lady after me" performance because you had me fooled. But now even when I watch I still kinda think...That's pretty freakin scary, like when she walks in the room and he is in the corner....WOO freaky...

7. The Ring
Bah!!! That movie within the movie... Remember the movie that we all had to watch and then apparently if you watch that movie the girl comes after you, so does that mean she is coming after us because we watched THAT movie in the movie, but only because the movie made us and apparently we will be dead in 7 days? The one with the girl who has the long black hair and walks really creeeeeeeepy......that one...7 days...STOP IT

6. The Sixth Sense
Can I just start by saying that when I first saw this film, about 10 minutes in my Dad learnt over and whispered to me "I reckon he's........(won't ruin the ending)"...turns out...he was....THANK YOU DAD FOR RUINING THE ENTIRE FILM FOR ME, SO MUCH SO THAT I'M BLOGGING ABOUT IT 10 YEARS LATER IN CAPITAL LETTERS (insert fist shake). But besides that, this is a really amazing, spooky film! Super clever and an awesome twist at the end...just don't watch it with my Dad...

5. The Woman in Black
Now this can apply to the original or the latest release with Daniel Radcliffe (Unfortunately he does not play Harry Potter in it). This movie is set back in ye' olden days and revolves around a haunted house with a ghost who has serious anger management issues. Not to mention she is super stubborn...so just when you think everything is hunky dory...it's not...Watch it and you will know what I'm talking about! Also, she is dressed in black...like the name...

4. Insidious
OK this has got to be one of the freakiest movies I have ever seen....seriously! And now they are releasing another one? Do they want to torture me? Do they like me fearing for my life (as it's obvious these spooky ghosts from the movie are going to kill me through the night)??? Also, there is a particular song in this movie which involves a little boy dancing, this will haunt you for days!! I suggest you watch this movie with several blankets over your head.

3. Paranormal Activity (all of them)
Fun fact. My boyfriend and I went and saw this on our first date. Romantic? No. Terrifying? Yes! Did we love it? OBSESSED! We have seen them all and every time we get more freaked out and I have to turn every light in the house on and be escorted from room to room and WHAT WAS THAT NOISE???...probably the demon ghost who is going to try and kill me...anyway what was I saying? Oh yes....I reckon the first and the 3rd are the best but definitely check them all out, they are guaranteed to make you suffer slight insomnia... for 2-3 days...

2. The Conjuring
Where do I even begin?...Seriously...I can't...You know why?...I am still emotionally and mentally scared from watching this movie. No it's fine, make me feel vunerable, make me feel as though my heart has literally fallen out of my mouth...no no i don't like breathing...oh wait what was that? It's based on a true story...that's awesome...

1. Hocus Pocus
I bet you thought I'd end on a super scary film! HA! I couldn't I was freaking myself out just writing this. So I thought the best ever number 1 Halloween movie had to be "Hocus Pocus"! I love it! It captures the Halloween spirit perfectly! It's hilarious, it's got trick-or-treating, spooky costumes, Carrie Bradshaw (who isn't Carrie Bradshaw but we all know she really is) and a really over the top, awesome story line! I love it and I can bet you will love it too! So go and get it! Get your diary. Turn to October 31st. Write "Watch Hocus Pocus and Be Awesome!". You're welcome!

The movie that could...but then didn't
Jeepers Creepers
I just had to mention "the little movie that tried...and failed"...Remember "Jeepers Creepers"? Ot was SOO scary, it really freaked me out and I was so close to never sleeping again and then...he grew wings and became a freaky thing...not in a good way. So if you want watch this I'll give you a tip...about 5 minutes till the movie is about to end and they are all driving down the scary road and he is chasing them in his scary car...stop the movie. The End! They all lived happily ever after and had great fun together making fairy bread with laughter and rainbows. Don't watch anymore...I watched the rest. It was terrible. I'm disappointed in you "Jeepers Creepers". I really am.

On my list of Halloween Movies I reeeeeeallllyyyy want to watch:
Nightmare before Christmas
Insidious 2...no I don't want to...but I will...BUT I WON'T...I will

I hope you all enjoyed my Top 10 Halloween Movies! It may have sounded like most of those movies have caused me physical and emotional pain...they have...but it was worth it. Like I said it's a complicated relationship but I feel like it will work out well in the end...

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