Friday, 11 October 2013

Halloween TV Shows

Hi Everyone!
So we are almost half way through October which means Halloween is SOOO close!! So far I have talked about some of my favourite Halloween movies and music but I thought I should include my favourite Halloween TV shows. I have always loved Holiday themed episodes of shows because it always really gets me into the spirit of that holiday and I think it's always the best ones to watch!
So here we go my favourite Halloween TV Shows:

The Simpsons Tree House Of Horror

Now these episodes of "The Simpsons" have ALWAYS been my absolute favourite. I love all the different stories you get in each episode and how they always really cool versions of historical events, stories, movies (cough Harry Potter). I just love them, even when i was little I used to love Halloween time because that meant they would be doing a Tree House of Horror marathon on the TV!

The Walking Dead

I LOVE "The Walking Dead"! I love it! I must admit I was late on the bandwagon but when i finally started I literally watched all three seasons in about 2 weeks! I was obsessed and now I am so excited that it's coming back in a few days EEEEEK YAY!!! I have never been a big Zombie fan but they just do it so well! I love the storyline, I love all the characters (especially Daryl...*sigh*) and I love that it's not a cheesy Hollywood ending to every season. It's got great cliff hangers to every episode and you will literally be up all night watching it! Trust me...don't fight it just watch it...
(This is Daryl...he is extremely amazing...)

Modern Family - Halloween Episodes

I am a massive "Modern Family" fan...I love love it. I love Phil! He makes my heart warm and fuzzy....But I also love that this show does AWESOME Halloween episodes! I especially love the one where Claire and Phil make their house into a Haunted Spook fest which obviously goes horribly wrong..."Welcome to your nightmare HA HA HA"...If you have seen that episode you will know that quote and I am high five-ing you right now! (virtually...obviously).

Ghost Hunters

This has been my recent obsession with my lovely boyfriend. As you have probably read in some of my recent posts, we like to watch things that scare the absolute jingles out of us and this show definitely does that. It's based on real ghost hunters who go to haunted buildings, houses etc and basically hunt ghosts...sounds lame but it's not...It is freaky and the fact that it's real just gives me shivers...

True Blood

Great show! A really well done Vampire kinda show! I love that it's set in the South and I really like the whole concept that Vampires are real and people just know about it, like it's not one of those tv shows where it's all a big secret and no one ever believes the main character and bla bla bla 5 seasons later they figure out they are real...ALSO...there is an Australian in it so REPRESENT Y'ALL!!

Vampire Diaries

I have JUST started watching this show so I'm a newbie but I gotta say I really like it! I can't really add too much because I am literally at the start of season one but Vampires...scary...Halloween...scary...good match!

Oldies but Goodies:
Just a few TV shows from back in the day that I think are good to add to the Halloween bunch...
Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Scooby Doo

So I hope you enjoyed some of my suggestion, if you have any of your own please leave a comment and let me know or head over to my facebook page and send me a message or look at all the daily Halloween goodies that have been popping up over there!!

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