Wednesday, 11 September 2013


Welcome to The Whimsical Unicorn!
Before I start I think it's best to tell you alittle bit about myself which will help to explain what exactly this blog will be about!
Ever since I was little I have always loved to celebrate every holiday or new season throughout the year. Whether it be the first day of Summer, which meant Summer uniforms at school, ice creams, beach trips barbecues for dinner, or Christmas time with decorating the tree, shopping for Christmas pressies and Santa's arrival. I have always loved these moments through out the year. Now that I'm older (I'm only 26 but still I'm older...) I still have that same enthusiasm for these events. I love Halloween, birthdays (not just mine, EVERY ONES!), Easter, Winter, Valentines get it basically every holiday. I love the build up, decorating the house, organising what to wear, getting presents for people, cooking yummy treats. I love the festive spirit and being able to bring alitte bit of that festive magic into other peoples lives. So that's what I want to do here with this blog. I want to create a space where I can share different ideas for all these different holidays and seasons through out the year. Whether that be recipes, fashion tips, decorating ideas, random tips that may help you through the hot/cold weather and so on. I would also love people to be able to come here and share their own ideas with everyone. I am always looking for new and exciting ways to celebrate so I thought this would be a perfect place for people to come together and share.
I am really excited to create this blog. I have been thinking about it for awhile and finally decided to just do it! I hope you all enjoy it and if you know any like minded people with great ideas please push them (not too hard but alittle nudge is great) in this direction because the more the merrier!!
Thanks everyone and watch out for Spring and Halloween blogs to be popping up soon!!

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