Friday, 20 September 2013

Springify your House!

Here in Australia we have hit Spring time! The weather is slowly getting warmer, the flowers brighter and the birds chirpier. I'm not a great Winter person, I'll admit that. I don't like being cold...AT ALL! So during Winter time I usually disappear into a sea of fluffy socks, big jumpers and cozy blankets. Now that the Sun has decided to show it's beautiful face I can feel my motivation come bouncing back and the fluffy socks are sliding off (slowly...they are so comfy I don't want them to go far). I find that the best way to snap out of the Winter blues and get that bubbly Spring energy is to shake up not only yourself but your home. In Winter the house can get abit stuffy, messy and dark. So it makes sense that you need to brighten the place up in order to brighten up your mood. 
Here are 5 ways I like to Springify my House for the Spring time...

1. Open the windows.
It sounds like a pretty basic step but really it does wonders. Opening the windows and allowing that fresh Spring air to flow through the house is truly amazing. Not only has fresh air been proven to be great for your lungs but that oxygen will go straight to your brain and create greater clarity and stress relief! I also think that having the windows open with the fresh air seeping throughout the house, hearing the birds chirping outside and seeing the sun shining makes your house feel cleaner and brighter and can put even the grumpiest person in a happier mood. 

2. Fresh flowers.
I love having fresh flowers in the house. To be specific I LOVE sunflowers, daisies and frangipanis. These flowers are so big, bright and happy. I recently stayed in Bali and they had frangipanis floating all around the pool and I thought that it was such a beautiful flower that created a really pretty, beachy feel and they smell soooo good! Sunflowers and Daisies are the happiest flowers I have ever seen. The are so open and SO bright. They are like sunshine in flower form. My boyfriend is the loveliest guy and whenever I have had a tough time or am feeling abit down, or even just as a surprise he will buy me sunflowers and they immediately brighten my mood and brighten whatever room they are placed in. So I strongly suggest you go to a local market and browse all their fresh flowers and find your favourite!

3. Spring Clean.
Now when I say clean, I don't mean wipe the bench. I mean turn your house upside down, throw your clothes around the room, empty the drawers and clean EVERYTHING!! This probably isn't the most exciting tip but it's effective. Now that the cold weather is leaving us and the warm weather is beginning it gives you a good excuse to get rid of the things you don't need. This includes clothes you haven't worn for 5 years, the 200 magazines you read when it was freezing that you don't need anymore, the half empty bottles of makeup you will never wear. Get rid of all the clutter, clean all the cupboards in your kitchen with all the mouldy food that hides down the back. Not only will this make your house look so much nicer but you will feel SOO much better for it because clutter does eventually start you make you feel claustrophobic and stressed. So no clutter = no stress!

4. Candles.
You will probably hear me mention this a million times in my blog posts but I LOVE candles! Seriously...I love them. I have so many candles around my house on constant rotation it's alittle bit crazy. My friend and I have actually just started making our own candles which has fuelled my candle obsession even more, but I truly think candles are a great way to Springify your house. Everyone has a favourite scent that makes me feel good. I love coconut, that is by far my favourite smell because it is so beachy and yummy, but I also love changing up my scents for each season and holiday that might be coming up. Now that it's spring I think its a perfect time to get those flowery, sweet scents out which will give you house a nice Spring boost. I will say though I am super excited to stock up soon on those Christmas candles, I love the spicy scents that make your house smell like you could literally eat the walls. Side note: Does anyone know where you can buy Yankee candles in Australia? Because I am dying to try these out!

5. Healthy Eating.
Since you are cleaning out your house, you might as well clean out your food. During Winter we are all guilty of eating carb loaded foods to keep us snugly and warm. We also seem to eat that little bit more junky food because you are wearing 5 layers of clothes so who will really know (and it tastes so good). But now that Spring is here you body will love you for swapping that naughty Winter food for some healthy and nutritious Spring food. Now healthy food doesn't mean yucky food, because I think there is so much amazingly yummy food out there that is super healthy and great for your body. Fruit is a great substitution for sweet food. I have a massive sweet tooth (particularly chocolate) so I find fruit is a great way to fulfil that sweet crazy but completely guilt free. I also find that if I am having a later night chocolate craving I grab some dates and munch on them. They are sweet but SO yummy and I feel so much better for it. So go have a trip to your supermarket and browse the health food aisles. Trust me there are loads of healthy option out there that will satisfy you and make you feel great!

So there you go! 5 tips to Springify your house. I hope these helped my fellow Aussies who are slowly creepy out of their Winter caves, and for those of you around the world who may be going into Winter, now could be a great time to set up your house cosy but healthy Winter time. 


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