Monday, 16 September 2013

Spring Nails

I'm addicted to painting my nails! I'm always on the hunt for new colours and I especially love the glitter and patterned nail polish! I love how the colours change throughout the seasons and that you can decorate your nails just as much as your house or your clothes. Now that Spring is here I have broken out the brighter colours and am having fun mixing and matching them.
I found a new different Spring designs though that I thought were adorable and had to share them!
I love the pastel colours of these nails. So pretty and girly!

How cute are these nails! I love Daisies and Sunflowers so these get a big A+ from me!

The cupcake nails are SO cute! I would love these for my birthday! 

These little Spring creatures are soooo cute! I love the Caterpillar! 

Now this is AMAZING!!! I want this on my nails!! I don't know where I can get this done but I'm going to hunt it down because that looks awesome!!

So thats my little Spring fashion look of the day! Halloween is creeping closer and i'm on the hunt for a costume as i'm going to a Halloween Ball this year so i'll be posting alot more halloweeny posts soon!
So stay tuned!

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