Sunday, 15 September 2013

Spring Hair

My inner hippie loves everything do to with flowers! Sunflowers and daisies are by far my favourite flower but I'm happy to settle with anything. I think flowers are so happy, refreshing and bring little bit of happiness to every outfit. Now that Winter is creeping away and Spring is back in action I think it's time the flowers come back too.
What I love to do is add flowers to my hair. Not only does it make you look like a little flower fairy but I think it's such a bright and beachy look to welcome to the warmer weather.

Here's a few different looks your inner flower fairy can rock the flowers this spring...

I love the flower crowns, they are so magical and bring a hippie sparkle to every outfit.

Here's one way to bring alittle peace and love to the ballerina bun...

I love the mermaid hair with a flower crown!

The braids mixed with the flower create a really cool boho look...

Fairy twins!

Such a perfect Spring/Summer look! Especially with the Peace tattoo.

So go on and grab your fairy crowns! We can all be hippy fairies together!

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